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Thu Duc College of Technology to help their students to be more successful after graduation

Thu Duc College of Technology and IIG Vietnam signed the MOU about using the TOEIC test as the English language benchmark as well as using IC3 and MOS as the IT benchmarks upon graduation for students. The MOU Signing Ceremony took place in Ho Chi Minh City on 4th September 2014.


 Ms. Vu Bich Ngoc – HCMC Branch Director, IIG Vietnam and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly, Principal – Thu Duc College of Technology at the MOU Signing Ceremony

 With 30 years of experience, Thu Duc College of Technology is known as a reputational college with good facilities, experienced teachers and quality training. This college also cares about developing their students’ skills and creating opportunities for suitable employment after graduation. Thu Duc College of Technology’s training programs include: Information Technology, Business Administration, Accounting, Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Foreign Languages, and Tourism, which are the top choices for students because these programs meet the demands of corporations and the society.

During its operation, Thu Duc College of Technology has always implemented the point of view to develop education based on the country development’s requirements and the modern trends. Consequently, the College applied seriously the regulations about the quality of the students’ outcome; in which, the English benchmarks and the IT benchmarks are the two most important benchmarks that the College is investing in for students to implement the commitment about the College’s quality of training.


The Signing Ceremony’s venue


Souvenir exchange


After researching the conditions of the college and the students, Thu Duc College of Technology and IIG Vietnam signed the MOU about the English language and IT benchmarks for the college’s students. Particularly:

1.      About English language:

–          IIG Vietnam will organize the TOEIC test and place freshmen in suitable courses, as well as organizing the TOEIC test and providing the certificates for senior students;

–          IIG Vietnam will organize teacher workshops for the college’s teachers about TOEIC teaching methods to improve and standardize the teachers’ English proficiency, besides providing tools and effective English training methods for the teachers.

2.      About Information Technology:

–          IIG Vietnam will consult and apply the IT benchmarks (IC3 and MOS) and organize the IC3, MOS tests for the college’s students;

–          IIG Vietnam will provide the curriculum for teaching IC3, MOS for the college.

–          IIG Vietnam will support the college in training IT teachers.

3. IIG Vietnam will consult the college in completing the conditions and standards needed to take the registration and organize the TOEIC, IC3 and MOS tests together at the college in the safest and most secured way.

4. IIG Vietnam may provide the school with teaching and learning solutions, such as the Sanako Study 1200 V.7 and EDO (English Discoveries Online).


Souvenir photo

 With this MOU, the students of Thu Duc College of Technology will have the best opportunities to access and own the international certificates in English and IT; hence having more chances to fulfill their career goals in the future.







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