Test Room Regulations Applicable to Paper-Based Test Examinations administered by IIG Vietnam – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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Test Room Regulations Applicable to Paper-Based Test Examinations administered by IIG Vietnam
  1. Be present at the test site on time. If you have a cough that may affect other test takers during the test, you are not allowed to enter the test room and requested to notify IIG Vietnam to change the test date in advance.
  2. Dress conservatively. Do not wear shorts or sleeveless shirts to the test room.
  3. Test takers are requested to bring an original ID card/passport and the test registration form to the test room. In case test takers bring any personal belongings (including wallets, mobile phones, any signal receivers/ electronic devices, watches or any kinds of pens or pencils) to the test site, all electronic devices must be turned off and deposited at the storage area before entering the testing room. Test takers are solely responsible for their personal belongings.
  4. Test takers are allowed to bring only relevant documents such as an original ID card/passport, test registration form) and storage cabinet key (if any) to the test room.
  5. Be polite, cooperative and strictly follow the security checks and instructions of test proctors in the test room, for instance: having your photo taken, checking fingerprints/hand writing patterns or any other electronic checking processes.
  6. Stay seated once instructed by proctors and not get out of the test room until the test officially ends.  
  7. Place your shoes next to your seat as instructed by proctors during the test.
  8. Absolute silence must be maintained during the test. Coughing should be strictly avoided. 
  9. Fill in all information completely and correctly on the Answer Sheet as instructed by proctors. Do not leave any marks, underline words or take notes both on the test book and the Answer Sheet.
  10. You are allowed to consult proctors about test-related information only before the test officially begins.
  11. Cheating is strictly prohibited; you are not allowed to exchange any information of any kind with anyone during the test. Place your Answer Sheet straight and towards your facing position during the test.
  12. Complete the appropriate section within the time allotted for the section. In case of any errors of the test book (missing pages, blurring printing, etc.), please inform the proctors immediately for timely substitute.
  13. Keep test books and other provided materials in good condition. Copying any part or information of the test is strictly prohibited.
  14. When there is signal of test ending, immediately put your pencil down, close the test book and place the Answer Sheet on top of the test book.
  15. Do not leave the test room without the approval of proctors until the proctors finish collecting and checking all answer sheets, test books, and draft papers (if any). Discussing or distributing the content of the test under any forms are strictly prohibited.
  16. In the event of errors in verifying or reporting your scores due to technical problems, IIG Vietnam will offer you to retake the test free of charge within 30 days of notification. If you are not present at the test site for test retake, IIG Vietnam will refund all test fees and any related services will be terminated.
  17. If required by an employer, IIG Vietnam may unilaterally provide your test scores for the employer for recruitment and post-inspection purposes.


  1. Failure to comply with test administration regulations or instructions provided by proctors before, during or after the test will result in nullification of test scores and suspension of taking ETS tests for two (02) years within Indochina area.
  2. Any serious or repeated violations will result in nullification of test scores and suspension of taking ETS tests for three (03) years in Indochina area.
  3. Test takers who are not cooperative in the verification process when suspected of cheating or those who seriously violate the regulations will not be provided any services by IIG Vietnam.
  4. In case the violations of any individual or Test Council are not detected during but after the test, the Disciplinary Council of IIG Vietnam have the full right to unilaterally nullify the test scores of related individuals

Cheatings shall be prosecuted in accordance with current Vietnamese Law.

Download Full Regulations: Here


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