Freedom in creativity to “design” the future with graphic design clubs in High schools

With the desire of helping schools in their paths to educate students to have a realistic skill to serve the future in mind, IIG Vietnam, in a joint operation with High schools in Vietnam, creates ACA graphic design clubs to bring opportunities to students to help them discover their prowess in graphic designing.

Câu lạc bộ Thiết kế đồ họa

The graphic design clubs will be constructed under the guidance of teachers, schools, and IIG Vietnam – Vietnamese representative of Certiport. When joining the graphic design club, students have opened the door to the world of colorful creativity in design through these activities:

  • Learning from beginner level to expert level with guidance from specialized teachers.
  • Experience designing products to express skills and level, enhance creativity, imagination.
  • Living in a meaningful environment with friends at the same age to help together conquer challenges, and chase dreams.
  • Have the opportunity to compete in an international graphic design playfield, especially the Adobe Certified Associate World Championship.
Lợi ích sau khi tham gia clb ACA

By joining the club, after the end of the meeting, students have the opportunity to try the ACA test to receive the certificates which recognize their designing skills, signed by the President of Adobe, and have worldwide recognition.

Ý nghĩa của Câu lạc bộ Thiết kế đồ họa

The ACA graphic design clubs will help students to develop their creativity, prepare necessary tools to make them feel confident on their path to their career. Furthermore, each of the club’s members will have a meaningful time, creating sweet memories under their beloved high school.


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Hanoi University of Science and Technology cooperates with IIG Vietnam to strive for the goal of improving the quality of English and Computer skill training aligned to international standards