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TOEFL Junior Test

1. Introduction

Research has shown the demand for an international English proficiency measurement for students, especially middle school students, is high. Assessments which are designed specifically for students from the very first education levels are great starting points in the development of students’ skill. This was one of the motivations for the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to develop and introduce the TOEFL Junior test for middle school students – a complement to the TOEFL family of assessment (including TOEFL Primary for primary school students, TOEFL Junior for middle school students, TOEFL ITP for high school students to graduate from high school and apply for domestic universities and colleges, and TOEFL iBT for high school students who want to study abroad).

The TOEFL Junior test is an accurate and comprehensive English proficiency measurement for students in middle school level – the transition stage from the lowest (primary school) to more advanced level (high school) of education. Designed specifically for students from grade 6 to 9, the TOEFL Junior test assesses candidates’ Listening and Reading skills as well as grammar and vocabulary, helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses and suggestingan appropriate learning path.

In Vietnam, the TOEFL Junior exam is delivered by IIG Vietnam – the country representative of ETS.

2. Benefits of the TOEFL Junior test

  • Provide parents, students and teachers with objective information about student progress in developing English-language skills over time
  • Serve as measurement tools to support placement of students into programs designed to increase English-language proficiency levels
  • Measure developing English communication skills in preparation for future studies in English
  • Offer useful information that can be used for instructional purposes
  • In Vietnam, TOEFL Junior is recognized by Ministry of Education and Training as a standardized measure of middle school students’ English proficiency upon graduation. TOEFL Junior scores secure the applicants’ advantage during admission – priority admission scoring or scholarship-granting – in some high-quality high school. The test also helps students to prepare knowledge and skills to conquer higher-level international certifications in the future

3. Test takers

  • Students in middle schools who learn English as a foreign language.
  • Students who want to evaluate their English level.

4. Exam structure

  • The test content reflects the language use in the Middle school’s environment and assesses English proficiency from Basic to Intermediate level, equivalent to A2 to B1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF).
  • The test is a paper-based test.
  • The test score report provides a Lexile measure that helps candidates find books at their English reading level
  • The test includes 3 sections:
SectionListening ComprehensionLanguage Form and MeaningReading ComprehensionTotal
Number of questions424242126
Time40 minutes25 minutes50 minutes1 hour 55 minutes
Scale score200-300200-300200-300600-900
Test contentMeasures candidates’ ability to listen to and understand English for interpersonal purposes, navigational purposes, and academic purposes.Measures candidates’ ability to demonstrate proficiency in key enabling English skills such as grammar and vocabulary in context.Measures candidates’ ability to read and understand academic and non-academic texts written in English.

* TOEFL Junior Sample Questions:

  1. Listening Comprehension
  2. Language Form and Meaning
  3. Reading Comprehension

5. How to register for the test

– Candidates can register for the test at IIG Vietnam’s offices. When registering for the test, candidates must present:

  • 03 3×4 ID photos taken within 03 months (on the back of each photo, clearly write: Full name, Date of birth)
  • Original birth certificate

– Or register online by clicking the “Register” button below

6. TOEFL Junior preparation tools

To respond to the high demand for test preparation tools, IIG Vietnam has recently launched the new website https://online.iigvietnam.com to bring online learning tools to more and more people across the country.

With simple clicks on a phone or a computer, parents can find information and easily follow the purchase process to have access to English Learning Center (ELC) – the online TOEFL Junior preparation tool delivered by ETS.

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