TOEFL Challenge 2022-2023 has officially launched in Hanoi

TOEFL Challenge – A prestigious nationwide English language competition for students from Grade 2 to Grade 12 was kicked off on October 05, 2022 in Hanoi. This is the first city nationwide to launch the competition this year.

Students all over the city improve their English language skills with international standardized English language tests.

With over a decade of continual improvement, TOEFL Challenge has proved itself to be a leading English language competition, with the largest participants across the country. The annual competition is longed by thousands of students and parents. TOEFL Challenge is a valuable opportunity for students to be exposed to renowned standardized assessment, base on which to sketch accurate study schedule and confidently become global citizen of the future.

Coming into the academic year of 2022-2023, the competition has been held for students of three levels (Primary, Secondary and High school). Criteria to measure candidates’ competence and award prizes to the winners are based on the TOEFL family assessment developed by Education Testing Service (ETS), including the TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior and TOEFL ITP tests for primary students (grade 2-5), secondary school students (grade 6-9) and high school students (grade 10-12) respectively.

The competition takes place in three rounds. In the first round, test takers will have chance to experience the international test format free of charge. This round will be held online. The second round – the City Final round is remarkably important as candidates will be granted the international score reports which can help them determine the next learning pathways and can be used as a supplement in the application package for some schools. In the last round – the National Finals, the test fee is sponsored by IIG and the finalists will also own international score reports. This year’s Nation Finals will be computer-based in order to facilitate the timing of the test. The candidate who finishes the test in the shortest time and with the highest score will be the winner.

TOEFL Challenge is meaningful for every stage of the English learning journey

Apart from creating opportunity for students to get familiar and enhance their language competence with international English standardized test, TOEFL Challenge also positively affects the learning of students at different levels.

International score report is one of the biggest benefits to primary and secondary school students as the report raises the chance to apply for scholarship or enroll in qualified domestic and oversea Secondary and High schools.

Students will be waived from the National English exam for high school and considered hitting grade 10/10 once they get 450 in TOEFL ITP Challenge. This advantage help students minimize stress caused by exams and free their time for other subjects. A wide range of high-profile universities has adopted the TOEFL ITP score in their admission process, namely National Economics University, Hanoi University of Law, Academy of Journalism and Communication, Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology.

  10 reasons not to miss the TOEFL Challenge competitions

  • Students have opportunities to practice English knowledge and skills learned at school
  • The competition inspires students with English life-long learning.
  • Students can compete with peers from around the country;
  • Students can take the online TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior and TOEFL ITP tests completely free of charge;
  • TOEFL score reports certified by ETS are issued to students participating in the Provincial/City Round;
  • Students’ test score is a precise measurement of the outcome of the national English curricula at primary, middle and high school levels;
  • Students with TOEFL score reports have advantages in the (direct) admission to prestigious, middle and high schools in Vietnam and the world.
  • Parents get insights of their children’s English learning and adjust it accordingly;
  • Schools and English teachers may adjust their programs according to the students’ test scores;
  •  Lexile scores only on the TOEFL score report help students choose appropriate English books.
No.CompetitionRegistration dueTest DateRegistration instructions
Round 1: Online Experience Round
1TOEFL Primary Challenge25/11/202208-13/ 12/2022Option 1: Register at your school Option 2: Click HERE to register online
2TOEFL Junior Challenge01/12/202217-20/ 12/2022Option 1: Register at your school Option 2: Click HERE to register online
3TOEFL ITP Challenge22/12/202205-08/ 1/2023Option 1: Register at your school Option 2: Click HERE to register online
Round 2: City-level Round
1TOEFL Primary Challenge10/1/202312/2/2023Option 1: Register at your school Option 2: Register online (Link to register online will be open after the First Round registration due.)
2TOEFL Junior Challenge16/2/202326/2/2023
3TOEFL ITP Challenge22/2/202312/3/2023
Round 3: National Finals
1TOEFL Primary Challenge 9/4/2023 
2TOEFL Junior Challenge 16/04/2023 
3TOEFL ITP Challenge 15/04/2023 

Details of test registration and schedule

Detailed competition rules can be found at:

The TOEFL Primary Challenge for primary students: Here

The TOEFL Junior Challenge for secondary school students: Here

The TOEFL ITP Challenge for high school students: Here

Contact information:

Shall you have any questions about the competition, please reach us at:

IIG Vietnam


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