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MOS Test

1. Introduction

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification is the only official Microsoft-recognized certification for Microsoft Office globally and provided by Certiport – the world’s leading provider of digital certification exam based in the United States. Certiport delivers MOS tests in more than 150 countries worldwide and 27 languages, including Vietnamese. The tests are conducted online through an expansive network of more than 12,000 Certiport Authorized Testing Centers, with an average of 280,000 tests delivered per month.

The certificates are signed by Microsoft CEO and recognized globally with no expiration time. In Vietnam, MOS certification has been recognized by the Ministry of Information and Communications as the equivalent to the advanced computer skills standards stipulated in Circular 03/BTTTT-CNTT.

Many high schools across the country have implemented MOS-oriented training program for students to get certified. The certification is also chosen by many prestigious colleges and universities as a graduation requirement. Many large companies in Vietnam are using MOS in their talent acquisition and development process.

Every year, Certiport organizes the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC), attracting millions of young people from hundreds of countries to participate in.

 2. Benefits of MOS 2016 Certification

For students 

  • Verify your Microsoft Office skills
  • Equip yourself with the necessary Microsoft Office skills to support learning
  • Highlight your future resumes with the only official Microsoft-recognized certification for Microsoft Office

For employees

  • Make yourself standout at work
  • Increases salary potential and bring more career opportunities
  • Gain advantage over other applicants in recruitment and personnel placement.

3. Levels of MOS 2016 Certification

Exam levels:

* Specialist: Certify candidates’ basic skills in Microsoft Office software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook.

* Expert: Certify candidates’ advanced skills in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, including two exams: Word Expert and Excel Expert.

* Master: Certify candidates’ comprehensive, in-depth skills in using Microsoft Office software, including 4 exams: Word Expert, Excel Expert, PowerPoint Specialist and one of the two exams: Outlook or Access.

4. MOS 2016 exam structure

ContentTypeTime (minutes)Total ScorePass Score
MOS Word 2016 SpecialistMulti-Project501000700
MOS Excel 2016 SpecialistMulti-Project501000700
MOS PowerPoint 2016 SpecialistMulti-Project501000700
MOS Outlook 2016 SpecialistMulti-Project501000700
MOS Access 2016 SpecialistMulti-Project501000700
MOS Word 2016 ExpertMulti-Project501000700
MOS Excel 2016 ExpertMulti-Project501000700

Multi-Project: A Multi-Project test is one in which the candidate must apply skills to perform the tasks given in the Exam Window. Each test can have 5-6 Projects, and each Project has 5-6 tasks.

Recognized worldwide, MOS certification is an indispensable tool in academic and business environments; help individuals demonstrate their ability and gain competitive advantage.

5. MOS Score Report

Candidates know the results immediately after their test is completed and will receive a MOS Score Report as follows:

6. MOS certificate:

Candidates who achieve the passing score (700/1000 or higher) will receive a worldwide valid MOS certificate issued by Microsoft.

Candidates can retake the exam if they have not achieved the passing score. However, you must use only one account in every administration.

MOS certificate: the soft copy can be downloaded online using your Certiport account (see instructions below). The hard copy will be sent directly from Microsoft USA to Vietnam and candidates receive it at the exam registration location.

MOS certificate template

Candidates can enter the Certificate Code on website www.verify.certiport.com to check the authenticity of the issued certificate.

7. How to register for the test

– Candidates register online by clicking the “Register” button below.


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