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TFI Test

1. Introduction

The Test of French International (TFI) measures the proficiency of non-native speakers of French. The test is based on a multiple-choice format that can assess the candidate’s ability to communicate in French and has been widely used in the international working environment as well as in daily life.

The TFI test was developed by the American Educational Testing Service – ETS in response to the need for a reliable and effective French language assessment tool.

2. Benefits of the TFI test

2.1 For individuals

  • Testing your ability when using French.
  • Job seeking.
  • Setting goals and controlling learning progress.

2.2 For schools and training units:

TFI is selected and accepted as one of the entrance criteria at most Universities in the Québec region, Canada.

2.3 For companies and organizations:

  • Standardize the level of French for each job position.
  • Check the staff’s French level.
  • A criteria to recruit, promote and arrange staff
  • An opportunity to be a selected staff for training courses in French or to be chosen to work abroad.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the French training course

3. Exam format

Listening:90 Questions – 42 minutesScore: 5 – 495
Reading:90 Questions – 68 minutesScore: 5 – 495
Total:180 Questions – 110 minutesScore: 10- 990
ListeningPart 1Question – Answer40 questions
 Part 2Short conversation30 questions
 Part 3Short talk (?)20 questions
ReadingPart4Error detection25 questions
 Part 5Complete sentence25 questions
 Part 6Reading comprehension40 questions
  • Candidates answer by using pencil to fill in options (A), (B), (C) or (D) on the answer sheet.

4. How to register for the exam

Candidates please bring the following documents to register for the exam at IIG Vietnam offices:

  • 3 photos (3×4) taken no later than 6 months
  • Identity card (or passport, student card…).


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