Benefits of the upcoming computer-based TOEIC Listening and Reading test for candidates

To catch up with the digital transformation trend in the 4.0 revolution era, ETS has launched the TOEIC® test with remote proctoring. In Vietnam, starting from May 9, 2022, candidates will have the option to take the TOEIC test online, which is administered by the IIG Vietnam.

Candidates can register for the online TOEIC Listening & Reading, beside the paper-and-pencil option, at IIG Vietnam’s test sites across the country from Monday, May 9, 2022.

The format, type of questions, and test fee all remain identical to the paper-and-pencil version currently offered. The primary difference is in the way candidates complete their tests.

Here are some reasons why candidates should consider the online testing option:

Freeing up time spent on marking the answer sheet

Candidates taking the TOEIC test on the computer will enter their responses directly into the system, freeing up 8-12 minutes spent on marking answers on the answer sheet in the traditional paper-based version. This could also mean the risk of mis-scoring due to the scoring scanner’s failure to read the answers will be removed.

With the question review function in the Reading section, you may come back to the question you have skipped with just one click instead of finding the question in the test book, saving you some valuable time to focus on the questions themselves.

The online system offers candidates a convenient and user-friendly testing experience, allowing them to focus on the test content and reducing unnecessary risks.

Enhanced experience in the Listening section

Some of the most common TOEIC preparation tools today, such as OLPC or the English Discoveries, are computer-based. Candidates who are familiar with these online learning systems will have no difficulty getting to know this new version of the test.

In addition, each candidate who registered for the online test will be equipped with high-quality, noise-canceling headphones, so candidates don’t have to be worried about the background noise.

Useful functions in the Reading section

In the Reading section, candidates can use the highlighting tool to highlight keywords and main ideas, enabling them to find the answer quickly. Candidates can also choose and correct their responses to each question with ease. Therefore, some unfortunate situations in a paper-based test, such as marking

the wrong question number, correcting an answer multiple times, and making your answer sheet dirty, will not happen.

Instant test score

In the computer-based version of the TOEIC test, the score will be generated right after the test is completed, which is the most outstanding feature of this testing method. Getting the results early will give candidates more time to plan the use of the score certificate.

Receive the score certificate faster (upon requested)

TOEIC candidates usually have to wait for five to seven working days to get the score certificate. However, candidates who take the computer-based test can now request, with a reasonable fee, to receive the score certificate two days earlier, which means three to five days after the test day. This will be useful in case the candidates need the certificate urgently to meet a submission deadline, such as graduation consideration, job recruitment, placement, visa application, etc.

Please contact us at or hotline 1900 636 929 (during working hours) for support.


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