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Apple Swift Test

1. Introduction

Swift powers some of the most iconic apps that we use everyday—such Lyft, LinkedIn, Kickstarter, Eventbrite etc. As demand for these apps grows, so does demand for developers who have experience with Swift. Glassdoor estimates that the Average Base Pay of an iOS developer is $101,000 per year! The App Development with Swift Level 1 Certification will put your students on the path to a high-paying career in the mobile tech sector.

Certiport has teamed up with Apple to offer a new certification exam that will help students showcase their knowledge of the latest in app development. App Development with Swift Level 1 is a new exam developed by Apple and Certiport to validate your students’ knowledge regarding the Swift programming language. Students who pass the certification will be awarded a certificate as well as a digital badge they can use to promote their skills to future employers on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Apple developed Swift with two goals in mind: Create an open-source programming language that was easy to learn, yet powerful enough to create today’s most innovative apps. Apple provides curriculum for every age level and distributes it free of charge. Its simplified code makes it an ideal starting point for students who are just getting into coding.

2. The Apple Swift test

Certification testing proves real-world skill. Performance-based tests deliver a better indicator of real-world application and measure performance at a greater level than a simple multiple-choice exam.

The 50-minute time limit makes it ideal for schools who want to administer the exam during a single class period.

3. Apple Swift certificaiton

This certification is for individuals who have had 150 hours of experience with Swift coding, making it ideal for high school computer science classes and community colleges and workforce programs offering app development courses.

4. Practice exams

For practice exams, Certiport works with GMetrix, the official practice test software. The GMetrix practice tests help students become familiar with the testing environment, identify areas of remediation, and give students the confidence to take the exam. GMetrix practice tests come bundled with the exam and will be available in January.


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Apple Swift Test Apple Swift Test

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