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1. What is the TOEFL ITP test?

The TOEFL ITP test uses 100 percent academic content to evaluate the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced English learners.

Many high schools, colleges, universities and institutions around the world have been using TOEFL ITP test to track learners’ progress, admits students, award scholarship or as a graduation requirement.

2. Why take the TOEFL ITP test?

More than 1 million people take the TOEFL ITP test every year. In Vietnam, taking the TOEFL ITP test and gaining a certificate can bring the following benefits.

For students:

  • Assess English proficiency and track progress against international standards.
  • Be exempted from the high school graduation English exam and get a 10 (the maximum score) for this subject with a TOEFL ITP scores of 450 or higher according to Official Letter No.5633/BGDDT-KTKDCLGD issued by the Ministry of Education and Training in 2014.
  • Gain advantage in admission or get admitted directly into high-profile universities in the country.
  • Meet the admission and exit criteria of domestic high schools, colleges and universities.
  • Be exempted from admission and exit English exams at Master’s level with a TOEFL ITP score of 450 or higher according to Circular No. 15/2014/TT-BGDĐT.

For employees:

  • Meet companies’ and state agencies’ English language requirements for job applicants
  • Satisfy the English proficiency standards for state officials and employees regarding pay raise, promotion, and professional title consideration.

3. Who should take the TOEFL ITP test?

  • Non-native English speakers.
  • Learners who are about to graduate from high school, to apply for university (both undergraduate and graduate), or transfer colleges.

English-language learners who want to track their progress.

4. What is the structure of the TOEFL ITP test?

  • The TOEFL ITP test is a paper-based test. It is composed of multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers.
  • There are three sections, each measuring a critical skill in the use of English.
SectionAdministration TimeNumber of QuestionsScore scale
Listening Comprehension35 minutes5031-68
Structure and Written Expression25 minutes4031-68
Reading Comprehension55 minutes5031-67
Total115 minutes140310-677

* You can find TOEFL ITP sample questions HERE.

5. How is the TOEFL ITP test scored?

  • Candidates taking TOEFL ITP test will receive a TOEFL ITP Official Score Certificate.
  • Each candidate is awarded only one TOEFL ITP score certificate per administration, no copies will be issued. A score certificate provides information on test center, personal information, section scores and total score.
  • The total score is obtained as follows.

Total score = [(Section 1 + Section 2 + Section 3) x 10] /3

  • Score scale: 310 – 677 TOEFL ITP scores can be converted to Foreign Language Proficiency Framework for Vietnam (FLPFV) or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as follows.
TOEFL ITP score scale360-449450-499500-589>= 590
CEFR levelA2B1B2C1
TOEFL ITP score scale360-449450-499500-589590-649650-677
FLPFV levelLevel 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6

6. How to register for the test?

– Candidates register online by clicking the “Register” button below.


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