“Gamifying language teaching to increase learner engagement and improve outcomes” online seminar

Nowadays, there are many teaching solutions researched and applied to increase the efficiency of teaching and learning, one of which is using games being used widely around the world by teachers as a useful solution to de-stress students and increase their learning efficiency.

To help teachers to efficiently use games in language education, on June 16, 2021, Sanako Technology Education Company will hold “Gamifying language teaching to increase learner engagement and improve outcomes” online seminar.

Gamifying language teaching to increase learner engagement and improve outcomes

At this online seminar, teachers will receive advices from Shawn Beatty – language teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

Shawn Beatty will share his experience in designing and using games to teach and introduce online language teaching tools used in labs to increase teaching quality like Sanako Connect…

Further information about the seminar’s schedule:

  • Time: 8 p.m. GMT+7, Wednesday, June 16, 2021
  • Place: via Zoom (Zoom link will be provided when you register for the seminar)
  • Click here to register with no fee.

This online seminar will help you:

  • Figure out game designing tools and teaching strategies to create unique lectures.
  • Know how to use those tools to excite students.
  • Confidently use those tools in teaching.
  • Receive valuable knowledge about language education.

Speaker information:

  • Shawn Beatty is a Japanese teacher at Columbia Public School, Missouri, United States of America. He has more than 4 years and 17 years of experience in teaching English and Japanese, respectively, at American’s middle and high schools.
  • He has a passion with game designing for teaching purpose and wishes his teaching periods to be fun and exciting. He has been finding new teaching methods to convey his love to Japan through his lessons. Shawn Beatty and his students have been successful in using games and game designing in his language classes.

By approaching and applying game designing tools, this not only responses the need of changing teaching methods but also creates excitement, helping students improve their academic results. Because of that, teachers please take this chance to make a breakthrough in teaching skills.

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