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Applying ETS and ERB’s Assessment Standard for Periodical Evaluation of Students in HCMC

Being part of the activities chain happening during the “Education Development Festival 2014” in HCMC, IIG Vietnam and EMG Education have entered the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the presence of many representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training HCMC. According to this MOU, both parties will collaborate to organize and execute the application of the assessment systems developed by both the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) into school system in Hochiminh areas to help reform the system and sketch out the roadmap for the development of the education system in the future, bring about practical benefits for both the students and schools.


Memorandum of Understanding between IIG Vietnam and EMG Education with the presence of Mr. Tran Quang Quy (Vice Minister of MOET), Mr. Le Hong Son (Director of DOET HCMC) and other representatives from DOET HCMC, IIG Vietnam and EMG Education

In Hochiminh City, EMG is now one of the leading corporations in applying international training program into middle school and high school. These programs help equip the students in HCMC with essential skills and knowledge to improve further in order to become global citizens. With more than 14 years of experience in the field of educational testing and assessment, IIG Vietnam is now the exclusive authorized representative of several well-known organizations including the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Certiport Inc., SANAKO, ERB and so on.


Mr. Doan Hong Nam (on the right) – President of IIG Vietnam – and Mr. Truong Quoc Hung (on the left) – President of EMG Education – exchanging the Memorandum of Understanding

After years of working with other partners in the education field all over the world, IIG Vietnam has recognized the standpoint of other testing organizations in the world, that learning always needs assessment to go along with it. And all tools using to evaluate need to be certified and widely used to be applicable. Realizing the relevance of the assessment standard systems developed by ETS and ERB with the current learning program in middle school and high school in Vietnam in general and in HCMC in particular, IIG Vietnam has collaborated with EMG Education to integrate these assessment standards into the schools, in order to give a comprehensive but accurate and objective interpretation of the ability of students compared to students worldwide. In details, all programs being integrated within the MOU include:

–          Assessment Standards by ETS: measuring the English-proficiency of students using the international assessment tests such as TOEFL Primary, TOEFL Junior, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP and other English learning tools such as EDO, CRITERION, etc.

–          Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP): measuring the ability of students in reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, mathematics, and verbal and quantitative reasoning a  10-level scale (from grade 1 to 11) to prepare students for higher education testing such as SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and so on.

–          Writing Practice Program (WPP): an online practical writing and skill development program designed for students from grade 3 to grade 12 on a 5-level scale; providing a direct measure of writing ability to help improve writing skills of students, appropriate for different levels.

On the other hand, the assessment programs by ERB are being used in several primary schools, middle schools and high schools in the US to evaluate the study progress of the students periodically.


Representatives from Ministry of Education and Training, Department of Education and Training HCMC with representatives from IIG Vietnam and EMG Education

The strategic cooperation between IIG Vietnam and EMG Education has a important meaning to the education system in HCMC. This cooperation will promise to bring about many academic benefits to the students when all teaching materials, training methods and testing procedures are carried out in perfect harmony to create a high quality training program and help the students integrate better into this globalization with a good preparation of English and other knowledge and skills.

For more details about the TOEFL and ERB assessment system, please visit: or






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