“TOEIC – Secret to impress employers” Exciting Orientation Seminar for Danang’s students

Bringing meaningful and realistic information, “TOEIC – Secret to impress employers” seminars held at Danang College of Economics – Planning and Danang Vocational Tourism College have shown students how to embrace future chances with a TOEIC certificate.

TOEIC – Secret to impress employers

Being 2 of the colleges in Danang taking focus on educating English for their students, Danang College of Economics – Planning and Danang Vocational Tourism College have a joint effort with IIG Vietnam – national representative of Educational Testing Service, to improve English teaching and learning quality. “TOEIC – Secret to impress employers” seminar is one of the activities deployed for freshmen, hoping they would see the importance of learning English in a global integration environment.

At the seminar, experts from IIG Vietnam had introduced full and accurate information about the TOEIC test. Besides information about the TOEIC test and job potential with TOEIC certification in hand, at the seminar, students were also shared experience practicing for the TOEIC test, especially about English learning program English Discoveries (ED) and TOEIC practicing tool TOEIC OLPC designed by ETS.

Các em sinh viên chăm chú lắng nghe chuyên gia từ IIG Việt Nam chia sẻ thông tin

Not losing out on the opportunity of meeting, having conversations with the expert about the TOEIC test, a majority of students had many questions about the content of the TOEIC test and received answers. With this questionnaire, students would remember valuable information about TOEIC.

Các em sinh viên hào hứng tham gia phần hỏi đáp

During the seminar, an IIG Vietnam representative had given scholarships to students having outstanding educational achievements to encourage them to keep pushing further on the path ahead. Each of the scholarships is an English Discoveries (ED) program to help students to practice English efficiently.

Bà Phạm Thị Khánh Phượng – Giám đốc IIG Việt Nam chi nhánh Đà Nẵng trao học bổng khích lệ các em sinh viên

After the seminar, students from Danang College of Economics – Planning and Danang Vocational Tourism College students had received crucial information to serve them during their studies in English. With the useful information from IIG Vietnam experts, students were also advised efficient learning methods, building a learning course to conquer TOEIC step by step to acquire 1 important quality when companies have recruitment in the future.

TOEIC chuẩn đầu ra tiếng Anh – Bí quyết chinh phục nhà tuyển dụng
Đại diện IIG Việt Nam, Ban Giám hiệu Nhà trường, các thầy cô bộ môn cùng các em sinh viên chụp ảnh lưu niệm tại hội thảo

Continuing success from “TOEIC – Secret to impress employers” seminars held at Danang College Of Economics – Planning and Danang Vocational Tourism College, IIG Vietnam will continue to hold TOEIC seminar for students in colleges, universities in the Central region.


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