Students of Military Technology Academy excited about TOEIC – “The 4-in-1 ticket”

Recently, more than 800 students of Military Technology Academy had a chance to find out about the path to achieve the English requirement while learning in the academy through a talk show presented by the Foreign Language Center of the Academy and IIG Vietnam – the national representative of Educational Testing Service (ETS). According to the talk show, students when graduating are required to have a TOEIC score of 450, the equivalent of the B1 standard of Vietnam’s 6-level foreign language requirement.

Toàn cảnh buổi Tọa đàm với đông đảo học viên tham gia
Học viên HV Kỹ thuật Quân sự hào hứng khám phá bài thi tiếng Anh quốc tế TOEIC - “tấm vé thông hành 4 trong 1”

During the talk show, Mrs. Nguyễn Diệu Linh – an expert from IIG Vietnam has presented the information about TOEIC to the students. Through the presentation, the students were shown the importance of achieving TOEIC – a “4-in-1 ticket”: graduation requirement, a tool to find a good job, proof of language skills, a key to open many opportunities to work in an international environment and higher education. Besides, students were also lectured about how to do the TOEIC test efficiently, especially the information about the structure and format of the test, skills, necessary reviewing tools such as TOEIC OLPC – a software specially created by the ETS.

Học viên chăm chú tìm hiểu thông tin về bài thi TOEIC

Not losing out on the opportunity of meeting, having conversations with the expert about the TOEIC test, a majority of students of Military Technology Academy had many questions about the content of the TOEIC test and brought back many prizes. With this questionnaire, students would remember valuable information about TOEIC.

Các em học viên hào hứng khám phá thông tin về bài thi TOEIC

Academy’s student Ngô Ngọc Mai shared: “When I started studying here, I had decided to focus on preparing for the TOEIC test because not only that’s the Academy’s graduation requirement, but also a valuable tool for future jobs. Because of that, I’m very interested, wanting to find out more about the TOEIC test. I’m glad that the content from the talk show is very useful and because of that, I have created a suitable path to prepare myself for the test.”

After the talk show, Military Technology Academy’s students had received crucial information to serve them during their studies in English. With the useful information from IIG Vietnam experts, students have been shown a door to conquering TOEIC. Based on the expert’s sharing about the skills, the method to do the test, the path to conquer TOEIC has become clear. Students from Military Technology Academy participating in the talk show are now ready to achieve TOEIC and take chances to take jobs in the future.


Hanoi University of Science and Technology cooperates with IIG Vietnam to strive for the goal of improving the quality of English and Computer skill training aligned to international standards