Announcement: TOEFL ITP Score Certificate changes

To our dearest customers,

IIG Vietnam Education Institution – representative of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, would like to announce:

From March 10, 2021, TOEFL ITP Score Certificate in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar will be changed to a newer model. Students participating in the TOEFL ITP at the mentioned areas will receive the new certificate by ETS. This change is to help students use the certificate in the best way for academic and career purposes.

In order to help our customer to identify the new TOEFL ITP Score Certificate, we would like to make a description of the new certificate:

  • The TOEFL ITP Score Certificate will be printed on a white and yellow Letter-size (27.8 cm x 21.5 cm) paper. The front of the certificate will show all of the personal information of the participant (shown on the top left corner) and the total score (shown on the top right corner).
  • On the bottom of the front of the certificate, the explanation of the score meaning and the verdict of the student’s language skills in each of the specific skills based on the test.
  • The back of the certificate contains detailed information about how the grading works and Certificate of Achievement by levels of achievement. ETS, TOEFL ITP logo lines run parallel, cross each other, and are blurred on the paper’s layer (this line can only be seen on the original certificate and cannot be seen by naked eyes on the scanned or photocopied version).
  • On the TOEFL ITP Score Certificate, there are 02 official seals, including 01 seal from ETS on the participant’s personal information area, and 01 seal from IIG Vietnam on the total score area.

Click here to see the new TOEFL ITP Score Certificate model.

With regards,

IIG Vietnam


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