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Why not becoming a Certified TOEFL iBT Instructor!!

Over the past few years, globalization has developed rapidly even when the economic depression hit the bottom; it, however, has created a great impact on the education sectors in Vietnam. There are still roughly more than one hundred thousand Vietnamese students studying abroad annually, among which ninety percent are paying full for tuition, room and board. To these prospective international students, the most concerned problem is how to achieve the best results on the international assessment tests to apply for school admissions, even for scholarships and grants to finance their study.

Being developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), TOEFL iBT has been regarded as one of the most-valued assessment certificate in the world in measuring English proficiency of individual whose English is not their mother-tongue. TOEFL iBT does not measure four skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing) separately but it evaluates these skills as a whole. In other words, TOEFL iBT score reflects most accurately the English ability of the test-taker used in the actual academic environment. With its reliability and objectivity of judgment, TOEFL iBT has been recognized worldwide by more than 9,000 organizations resided in 130 countries, especially in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and other English speaking countries. Having a TOEFL certificate also means possessing a versatile passport to study abroad worldwide, especially the owners of high TOEFL scores have higher chance to receive grants and full scholarships from their desired schools.


Statistically, there is an increasing number of students studying for the TOEFL iBT test nowadays. With the boom of internet and search engine, learners now can look for numerous English-study materials online, especially materials for the reading and listening section. However, for speaking and writing section, there is still a need for an inter-personal connection between learners and instructors to make the best out of the students’ capability that self-study cannot attain. Besides personal effort of learners, it is undeniable to take into consideration and recognize the importance of the instructors and their teaching experience to the performance of learners. In fact, it requires TOEFL instructors to have a good foundation of what the test is about and the level of their skills to deliver the knowledge to the students, let alone they always have to be updated with new information or changes made to the test, or details on grading criteria, scoring rubrics, tactics and strategies of how to ace the test.


To satisfy the demand of English teachers in Vietnam who want to get familiar and receive official training for TOEFL test oriented training, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) has directed IIG Vietnam – the exclusive representative of ETS in Vietnam – to organize the “Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBT Test”. The workshop is led and administered by Ms. Nguyen Thanh Giang (M.Ed.), who is directly trained and certified as Master Trainer of TOEFL iBT test by ETS.


Ms. Nguyen Thanh Giang (second from the right) with Master Trainers from other countries at ETS Headquarter in Princeton, USA

With a highly-interactive learning environment and program designed to dig further into each separate skill of the test, the “Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBT Test” is the place where all updated information about the test is being shared and provided to the teachers to create an effective and flexible course curriculum, which can be tailored to fit both their students’ capability and the teachers’ strength themselves. They are also being provided with tactics, strategies and methods to build up their own activities and learn how to evaluate their teaching experiences and improvise to maximize the students’ performance.


English-teachers receiving Certificate of Completion for the Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBT Test

After the workshop, besides receiving the Certificate of Completion issued by ETS and IIG Vietnam, participants will also be announced in the list of certified teachers who received TOEFL iBT test training by ETS posted on the official website of TOEFL Vietnam. They are also given rights to be informed of all latest news on the TOEFL iBT Test from ETS and are connected to the network of TOEFL iBT instructors in Vietnam for sharing knowledge and improving their teaching experience even furthermore.

For more details and to register for the Propell Workshop, please visit www.iigvietnam.comwww.toefl.com.vn or contact (04) 3773 2411 (ext. 688 or 825)

Or register here.






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