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Vietnam was chosen to host the “Propell Workshop for TOEIC Instructors” In South East Asia

With remarkable contributions to the development of the TOEIC test worldwide, IIG Vietnam, ETS’ officially authorized country representative in Vietnam, was chosen as the host of the “Propell Workshop for TOEIC Instructors” in South East Asia. This is an important event for English teachers in the region, when 20 top instructors from all over the world gathered in Vietnam to be trained by ETS’ experts. The workshop took place in 6 days (from 7 to 12 July 2014) at Pullman Hotel (Hanoi), with the participation of Ms. Elizabeth Park (Program Director, TOEIC Speaking and Writing, Assessment Development, ETS) and Ms. Jennifer Sakano (Assessment Director, English Language Learning, Assessment Development, ETS). 


Mr. Doan Hong Nam, President of IIG Vietnam, giving the opening speech

The TOEIC test is becoming more and more popular in South East Asia. Each year, businessmen spend thousands of dollars to prepare for the TOEIC test with the hope of achieving more than 900 points, because they consider this as a key to success in the international business environment. Consequently, studying and preparing for TOEIC is a growing trend for students and employees in South East Asia countries. In Vietnam, TOEIC is being used as a benchmark for graduation at more than 127 universities, colleges, vocational schools, as well as a human resources evaluation tool in more than 350 enterprises.

In order to fulfill the increasing demand of studying and preparing for TOEIC in the region, ETS selected top English teachers with strict requirements (years of experience in training TOEIC with a TESOL Certificate, or a Master degree in Education/English; or a Bachelor degree in English with a TESOL Certificate), to train them to be TOEIC Master Trainers and expand the number of TOEIC instructors in South East Asia.


Ms. Jennifer Sakano explaining how the workshop runs


 The workshop’s attendees come from different countries, but they all share the will to enhance their knowledge about the TOEIC test

According to Mr. Doan Hong Nam, President of IIG Vietnam, “Vietnam was chosen to host this important event of the region because Vietnam had remarkable contributions to the development of TOEIC worldwide. Moreover, as the country representative of ETS in Vietnam, IIG has been doing a great job in training and expanding the number of TOEIC trainers”. In addition, Vietnam has 7 teachers chosen by ETS to participate in the workshop with other teachers from the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Israel.


Gallery Walk – an interesting activity in the workshop

ETS designed the workshop in a way that allows discussions and high interactivity. The workshop also provides its attendees with the latest updates on the test, teaching tips, teachable strategies for achieving the best score, how to effectively integrate more activities into TOEIC test practice course, and recommendations on the most up-to-date and appropriate course materials.



Attendees sharing their experiences together

“We were equipped with interesting and practical information about TOEIC, like why the test is designed in a specific way, which type of question is used to assess which skill, and how to achieve the best score for each type of question. Especially, we got to exchange with colleges from other countries in the region, who are experienced, enthusiastic and eager to learn. We think that anyone who comes to this workshop will have valuable experiences to bring home. After the course, we hope to create a TOEIC teaching community in the region”, said Ms Tran Thi Hieu Thuy, an English teacher from Hanoi National University, one of the Vietnamese attendees of the workshop.


At the end of the workshop, the attendees got certified by the ETS as TOEIC Master Trainers. They will continue to train other teachers and contribute to improve the quality of TOEIC instructors in South East Asia.


The “Propell Workshop for TOEIC Instructors” is held periodically in big cities of Vietnam. Below are the schedules for the incoming workshops

–          In Ho Chi Minh City: 15, 16, 17 August 2014

–          In Hanoi: September 2014

For more information or to register, please contact:

IIG Vietnam

In Hanoi: 04 3773 2411 (ext 682, 162)

– Email: customercare@133.240

In HCMC: 08 3990 5888 (ext: 688, 825)

– Email: hcm@133.240 – –

Or register now here.









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