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Vietnam continues to win medals at the MOSWC

Vietnam won 2 bronze medals at the Finale of Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC) 2014, which took place in Anaheim, California, USA on 30/07/2014. The only Bronze medal in the MS Excel category was awarded to Tran Minh Tien, and the only Bronze medal in the MS PowerPoint 2010 category was awarded to Tran Phuc Duy. This is the third year in a row that Vietnam wins awards at this competition. This achievement shows the continuous learning and Office IT skills improving effort of the contestants as well as young Vietnamese in the new era.


Tran Phuc Duy (second from the right) and Tran Minh Tien (third from the right) on the awards podium of MOSWC 2014


Vietnam team at MOSWC2014 Finale

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 category – Tran Phuc Duy is a 10th grader from Dinh Thien Ly high school (HCMC). He is the youngest candidate in the Vietnam team to join the  Finale of MOSWC this year, and also the first high school student to be a MOS Ambassador since MOSWC entered Vietnam. Previously, Tran Phuc Duy won the 1st place at MOS Challenge Ho Chi Minh 2014, organized by HCMC Department of Education and Training and IIG Vietnam. What brought Tran Phuc Duy to the glorious podium of MOSWC was a simple activity that he was passionate about, which is the Yearbook project of his high school. Phuc Duy is the representative of the high school generation with increasingly improved IT skills, who was confident to participate in a competition considered to be for university students.


Tran Phuc Duy – The winner of Bronze medal for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 category at MOSWC 2014.

  • MOS Excel 2010 category – Tran Minh Tien is a student from HCMC Banking University, who won the Vietnam’s 2nd place at the MOS Excel category in 2013. This year, he excellently became the MOS Excel representative of Vietnam in the Finale of MOSWC 2014 and won the only Bronze medal in his category. His victory comes from a tip that he shared: “I always think that to study is to gain knowledge for myself; therefore, studying for me is not a burden but an interesting process. When you accumulate knowledge actively and enjoyably, studying is not hard at all. That is my studying method. Moreover, “always challenging the limits yourself” is one of the secrets that helped me to gain lots of success in studying.”, said Tran Minh Tien.


Tran Minh Tien – The winner of Bronze medal for Microsoft Excel 2010 category at MOSWC 2014

The Finale of Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC) 2014 took place from 27-30/7/2014 at Disneyland, Anaheim, California, USA. 110 national teams from all over the world participated in this event, including big countries like the US, IT-developed countries like India or South Korea, and Vietnam’s neighbor countries like China, Taiwan, Macau, Laos and Cambodia etc. This shows that MOSWC is an appealing and practical competition to students worldwide. The knowledge and skills that the contestants gained in the process of preparing for the competition will be their valuable assets that should bring benefits for their studies and future career. The MOS certificate that they achieved after the competition will bring more opportunities for their future success.

For the contestants who entered the Finale, the trip to US and the final round bring them a great chance to experience a new culture and an international competition, while widening their network and potential partners. Especially, this is a remarkable milestone in their youth that they should be proud of.

In Vietnam, MOSWC is becoming increasingly appealing to students, when there are more and more individuals and schools registering each year. Consequently, this created a movement to improve Office IT skills among Vietnamese students, which helped building quality human resources for the country.

With the benefits and social meanings of the competition, from 2015, the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC) in Vietnam will be co-organized by the Ministry of Education and Training together with IIG Vietnam and Tuoi Tre Newspaper.

Vietnam delegation souvenir photograph on the awards podium of MOSWC 2014

The press conference to honor Vietnam’s MOS representatives who won medals at the World Finale of MOSWC 2014 and to launch the MOSWC 2015 is expected to be held in August 2014, with the participation of the organizer, education offices, schools, press, sponsors, students and parents.

In additional to the certificates and presents from the organizer, the young IT talents of the competition will be able to access career opportunities from big companies such as Viettel Group (Platinum sponsor – an organization that has been with MOSWC for the past 4 years), VP Bank (Gold sponsor), ED and Microsoft (Silver sponsor), Sanako (Bronze sponsor), and Jetstar (transportation sponsor).




Additional information about the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC):

– The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship presented by Certiport, Inc. is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This year is the 13th year the competition was held in the world, and the 5th year in Vietnam (in Vietnam, IIG Vietnam is the officially authorized representative of Certiport to organize this).


– The results of Vietnamese teams at the World Finale of MOSWC through each year:

+ 2010: Top 4 in MS Excel 2003 category and Top 6 in MS Word 2003 category.

+ 2011: Top 10 in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2007 categories.

+ 2012: Gold medal in MS Word 2010 category and Top 10 in MS Excel 2010 category.

+ 2013: Bronze medal in MS Word 2010 category and Top 4 in MS Powerpoint 2010 category.

+ 2014: Bronze medal in MS Excel 2010 category and Bronze medal in MS PowerPoint 2010 category.

– MOSWC 2014’s awards:

              MS Word 2010: 1st place – Macau, 2nd place –  Hong Kong, 3rd place – Newzealand

              MS Excel 2010: 1st place – Macau, 2nd place – Singapore, 3rd place – Vietnam (Tran Minh Tien)

              MS PowerPoint 2010: 1st place – India, 2nd place – Thailand, 3rd place – Vietnam (Tran Phuc Duy)








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