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TOEIC supports SAMSUNG SDI VIETNAM in building ideal working environment

In order to encourage employees to improve their English proficiency to adapt better to the working environment and  to start applying English-language standard for recruitment and promotion, on January 18th 2014, Samsung SDI Vietnam (SDIV) has, for the first time, held a TOEIC examination for its employees and office workers with the help of IIG Vietnam.

SDIV employees ready to take TOEIC test

Being part of SAMSUNG Corporation and founded in 2009, SIDV is localted at Yen Phong Industrial Zone – Yen Trung – Yen Phong – Bac Ninh Province. Within only 5 years, SDIV has proved itself to be one of the leading corporation on manufacturing and assembling cellphone battery. Products of Samsung SDIV have been supplied for Samsung smartphones, Nokia and other energy devices. In the future, the company is expected to expand its business into many other different fields such as manufacturing battery for laptop, vacuum cleaner and many more. SDIV has set its own goal to become the largest factory in Samsung Group to produce Green batteries, i.e. environment-friendly battery.


SDIV aims to be one of the corporations with the most attractive and competitive working conditions, with multi-national environment which is suitable for energetic candidates who thrive for success, promotions and improvement in both social and material aspects. Besides sustaining and developing a well-organized working environment, SDIV has applied several recruitment criteria and employees evaluations using international standard assessment, in order to build up a strong, potential and competitive group of staffs. Since 2014, SDIV will be using TOEIC periodically for all employees including the office and the factory workers. Depending on the results, the company will have appropriate treatments toward individuals with high TOEIC scores. Particularly, individuals scoring greater than 630 points and 950 points will receive special gifts from the company. In other words, TOEIC score has been used as a criterion for assessing salary or annual promotions in the company.

In the aim of improving the skills of employees nationwide and maximizing social benefits, IIG Vietnam – the country representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and TOEIC exclusive provider in Vietnam – commits to accompany and support SDIV as well as other modernized corporations in Vietnam with objective, reliable and effective testing services relative to international standards.





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