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TOEIC® Audio Program Helps Airline Travelers in Japan

IIBC in Japan has been working with All Nippon Airways (ANA) to offer English communication to airline travelers, and was proud to announce earlier this month that an English-language learning audio program will now be offered to passengers during their flight. The program, “TOEIC® Presents English Upgrader® for ANA Sky Channel” helps prepare travelers for the use of English throughout their trip.

The audio program assists passengers with four instances where English may be essential during their journey: in-flight announcement, onboard announcement on a train in the U.K., taking a taxi from the airport and site visits. The episodes are played during one of ANA’s in-flight entertainment channels, which passengers can choose to listen to during their flight. The program is currently broadcasted during nearly all international flights to and from Japan.

ANA is a Star Alliance member, which means they are among the most respected airlines in the world, and must comply with the highest industry standards of customer service, security and technical infrastructure. Additionally, they are ranked 15th in the world for highest number of passengers, and were awarded the 2013 Air Transport “World’s Airline of the Year.” Choosing to use the TOEIC program for ANA passengers is an honor for the brand, and helps reinforce that TOEIC is the worldwide, best-in-class leader for English-language assessments. 

Please help us congratulate IIBC on this fantastic news! The efforts spent on this marketing brand strategy will surely make an impact for the TOEIC team. 



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