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Tien Giang University Enhancing quality of English Language and ICT Training In Accordance With International Standards

My Tho, Tien Giang. February 25th 2014, IIG Vietnam has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Tien Giang University for providing testing services and consultations on training of foreign language and information technology to catch up with international standards. Present at the Signing ceremony were the Principal of Tien Giang University as well as Leaders and Heads of departments of the school. Especially, the ceremony was observed by Mr. Michael Lahav – Director of Business Development of Edusoft – a subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service (ETS).


Tien Giang University’s Signing Ceremony Venue

Tien Giang University has been known as a large-scale university in the region with multi levels and professions being offered. The schools’ mission is to produce a sufficient source of high-skilled workers along with carrying out intensive research and applying scientific application to adapt to the sustainable development of the region and bring about the job opportunities and promotions for learners. In order to pursue this goal, the school always puts a lot of attention into building and improving training program toward reducing the redundant study load and modernizing teaching materials and programs to adapt to the fast-paced environment and to make sure that the graduating class will have sufficient knowledge and skills to satisfy the requirements from the recruiters.


Mr. Doan Hong Nam – President of IIG Vietnam sharing insights on renowned assessment standards in the world nowadays


Mr. Michael Lahav – Business Development Director of Edusoft – giving speech on English Discoveries Online program

During the process of searching for modern and effective training solutions to satisfy the demand of teaching and learning at school, Tien Giang University has partnered with IIG Vietnam to apply assessment standards of foreign language and technology to its students. Both parties agree to enter the Signing of cooperation with detailed content specified as follows:

A.    In Foreign Language Section:

  • IIG Vietnam will provide consultations to prospective freshman students and also to the graduating class on the TOEIC assessment standards; and also to cooperate with the school to organize TOEIC examinations to classify the incoming class and certify the graduating class.
  • IIG Vietnam will organize the Propell Workshop for TOEIC test in order to improve the teaching methods to catch up with international standards and also provide them with the latest tools, techniques and skills to maximize their training experience.
  • The school will gradually carry out research and then applying teaching and studying support tools such as English Discoveries Online (EDO) program or Lab system of SANAKO.
  • IIG Vietnam can cooperate with the school to organize periodical examinations of TOEIC assessment test for the students as requested by the school.

B.     In Information Technology Section:

  • IIG Vietnam will provide the school with consultations on applying Information technology assessment standard Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) for students following 4-year programs and Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) for students following 2-year programs.
  • Organize Teacher Workshop for MOS and IC3 tests and also support by providing the teachers with teaching materials, coursework outline and practicing exercises for the MOS and IC3 tests.
  • IIG Vietnam will partner with FAHASA to print out textbooks for the use of the school students
  • Besides, IIG Vietnam will also support the school with organizing periodical examinations for MOS and IC3 test for students as requested by the school.


Mr. Phan Van Nhan – Principal of Tien Giang University and Mr. Doan Hong Nam – President of IIG Vietnam exchanging signed MOUs

This Signing of Cooperation is the proof of determination of the School of Board at Tien Giang University in the process of creating the best learning environment for the students to upgrade the quality of education to a higher level, secure the trust of learners, recruiters and of the society. This MOU will create opportunities to boost the learning English and information technology movement at school, and also help equip them with keys to open up new opportunities in the future.






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