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The TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 to officially arrive in Hanoi

TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 is a competition using internationally standardized English tests to assess primary school students’ English skills. This is a place for the contestants to build their passion and excitement for English learning, have a chance to challenge themselves with international English tests and own the globally recognized TOEFL Primary score report provided by Educational Testing Service (ETS). As for the parents, sending their children to this competition is the most effective way to know their English language proficiency on a common measurement frame and have the right orientation in their studies in the future.

 Since February 2014, TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 was organized by IIG Vietnam – the only authorized representative of ETS – in cooperation with 11 Departments of Education and Training of HCMC, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Tay Ninh, Vinh Long, Tien Giang, Long An, Dong Thap, Da Nang, Thua Thien Hue, Nam Dinh, and Ninh Binh. Up to now, the competition attracted nearly 18,700 contestants from 690 primary schools and received the support of parents and students in all mentioned cities/provinces, as well as being waited for at the places where the competition did not take place such as Hanoi, Hai Phong and Hai Duong. In response, TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 in Hanoi NOW officially kicks off and starts to receive registration for round 1, expected to be on 11th October.  The contest also received the support from Hanoi Department of Education and Training because of the benefits and social meanings that it brings.


It is fun to take part in the TOEFL Primary Challenge!

The TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 consists of 3 rounds and only use international standard tests by Educational Testing Service (ETS). In Round 1 (Preliminary round), the contestants will take the screening test, which include 39 multiple choice Reading questions in 30 minutes (excluding time for test procedures). In Round 2, the contestants will take the TOEFL Primary Step 2 test, which include 72 questions (36 Reading questions and 36 Listening questions) in 60 minutes (excluding time for test procedures). In Round 3, the contestants will take the TOEFL Junior test, which include 126 questions in 115 minutes.

After the competition, all participants in Round 2 will receive the TOEFL Primary score report, and all participants in Round 3 will receive the TOEFL Junior score report. These score reports are provided by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and are globally recognized. In addition, the winning contestants will receive gifts and certificates from the organizer.

A proctor checking candidates’ information before entering the test room


1.      Participants:

–          Students grade 3 to 5 in the 2014 – 2015 school year who were excellent students in the 2013 – 2014 school year.

–          Registration is voluntary.

2.      How to register:

–          Method 1: Register at school

Students register for the competition at their primary school. The list of registration then will be sent by the school to the organizer at, and a signed and sealed list to be sent to mailing address of IIG Vietnam.

–          Method 2: Register at IIG Vietnam

Registration sites:

+ 75 Giang Van Minh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

+ 24 Nguyen Hong, Dong Da, Hanoi

+ 62 Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Registration deadline: By 30/9/2014

3.      For the competition’s rules and regulations: Click here.



For more information about the competition, please visit or call: 04.37732411 (ext: 711/162/610) – You could also email any questions you may have to:

Steps to take on test day of Round 1 – TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014:


Candidates search the list for their test room and examinee code


A proctor will call candidates in the test room and show them their seats


Candidates will listen to the instruction and fill in their information on the answer sheet

 Candidates focus on the test to achieve the best results

TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014’s Review in 11 cities/provinces




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