The IIG – TOEIC scholarship awarding ceremony at Dong Thap university – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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The IIG – TOEIC scholarship awarding ceremony at Dong Thap university

On February 19th 2011, the scholarship awarding ceremony was held at Dong Thap university to honor students with good achievement in English placement exam on Dec 18th 2010. Ms. Vu Bich Ngoc – Acting Director of IIG Vietnam – HCMC Branch Office attended the ceremony. 

Commemorative photos of outstanding students and representatives from IIG Vietnam and Dong Thap

The TOEIC scholarship belongs to the IIG – TOEIC scholarship fund and is granted to students of high TOEIC results in placement test at universities and colleges nationwide. The annual IIG – TOEIC scholarship fund is co-established by ETS and IIG Vietnam with an aim to granting scholarships to students, staffs who obtain high achievement in studying and working at high schools, colleges, universities and Vietnamese enterprises as well.

The scholarship awarding ceremony 

At the ceremony, a student representative has shared that they are fully aware of the importance of English language in the context of integration, especially English with TOEIC orientation. With Dong Thap’s decision in applying TOEIC, it would be good opportunity for students to prepare for their future after graduation. Through the annual placement tests, teachers and managing board can clearly determine students’ English ability, basingon that they can apply appropriate and efficient teaching method to achieve TOEIC standard as set.


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