The first authorized test site for international tests in Binh Phuoc province – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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The first authorized test site for international tests in Binh Phuoc province

On Oct 4th 2010, Mr. Doan Hong Nam – the President of IIG Vietnam signed the cooperation agreement with Mr Pham Van Nha – Rector of Rubber Industrial College (RIC) to officially appoint RIC the exclusively authorized test site in Binh Phuoc province in administering TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge, TOEFL ITP tests. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Doan Hong Nam on behalf of IIG Vietnam also committed to provide comprehensive cooperation and support that help RIC in placement tests, curriculum development, TOEIC-oriented training courses for teachers as well as graduation exams for students.

According to Mr. Pham Van Nha, English standardization as well as the preparation for competitive readiness with TOEIC standard when entering labor market will not only be beneficial for students but also help to promote RIC’s prestige and image. As a result, RIC decided that since academic year 2010, TOEIC will be used for students’ English assessment, placement tests, midterm tests and criterion for graduation. On Sep 16th 2010, 329 new students already took TOIEC Bridge for placement test.

Signing ceremony between IIG Vietnam and RIC

Widely accepted and used by over 300 enterprises, 130 universities, colleges in Vietnam, TOEIC has become one of the most popular English tests and this is leading to the higher and higher TOEIC training demand as well. For the reason, at the signing ceremony, the TOEIC textbooks have been handed over to RIC which will help facilitate RIC in implementing TOEIC oriented teaching. At the end of the ceremony, the two sides committed for further cooperation in introducing and administering TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge, TOEFL ITP to the people in the province as well as plan to have frequent TOEIC training classes. 

IIG Vietnam’s representatives and RIC’s managing board

As scheduled, at the end of November 2010, RIC will organize TOEIC seminars for its staff, teachers, students and those who are interested in TOEIC. IIG Vietnam and RIC’s cooperation will create favorable condition for candidates to take international exams right in Binh Phuoc province.


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