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Students at HCMC Open University and solutions to achieve the expected TOEIC score?

Hochiminh City, on March 15th 2014, nearly 400 students of Hochiminh City Open University have engaged in the activities to obtain further information on the TOEIC assessment test, all the benefits it brings to the graduating class as well as strategies to prepare for the test and maximize their scores. Once again, “TOEIC – the key to success” seminar has received significant responses from the students and teachers at many Universities and Colleges in Hochiminh area.


Founded in 1990, Hochiminh City Open University is one of the key universities in Hochiminh city with heavy focus on building training program and carrying out scientific research. The school has been supplying thousands of graduates, masters and PhDs to the entire country over the past years. With the slogan “Flexible – Qualified – Modern – Effective – Professional”, the school never stops innovating to become a valued “training and application research center” to satisfy the demand of learners of both graduate and post-graduate studies and to provide up-to-date and high-quality products and services to the society. The programs can also be tailored to fit the need of the learners. Based on its achievements, Hochiminh City Open University has been regarded as one of the biggest and most valued universities in Vietnam.


Hochiminh City Open University Conference Hall full of students attending the seminar

For the past few years, Hochiminh City Open University has applied TOEIC assessment standards as one of the benchmarks to assess students’s English proficiency, which can be seen a criteria to exempt English credits and to standardize the outcome level of the graduating class. In order to support the students, the school also makes efforts to organize a lot of activities to help the students get familiar with the TOEIC test and to prepare for it better. “TOEIC – the key to success” seminar, held by IIG Vietnam and Special Training Department of the school, is part of these chained seminars.


Specialists from IIG Vietnam sharing insights of the TOEIC assessment test

The seminar has provided the students from Hochiminh City Open University with the latest information about the TOEIC test, strategies as well as learning tools (English Discoveries Online, TOEIC OLPC) for the students to best prepare for the TOEIC test and maximize their results. Besides, the students also get to engage in several activities and games with specialists from IIG Vietnam. The seminar is well-received and highly-appreciated by the students and teachers of the school.


Representatives from IIG Vietnam giving awards to students participating in the activities

The seminar is wrapped up with the sharing of the latest information on the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC) 2014. MOSWC 2014 has moved on to the most exciting and anticipated stage because the students now have the opportunity to retake the test and submit the best results to be qualified for the Final Round National.


MOSWC 2014 is a highly competitive contest on a worldwide scale, using the international standard assessment test – the Microsoft Office Specialist test – to measure the skills of the students. Along with TOEIC assessment standard, MOS test has gradually transformed to become an essential tool in management process of many corporations and organizations to evaluate the basic skills in office softwares of employees for both recruitment and promotion purpose. The graduating students owning both TOEIC and MOS certificate will make themselves stand out in the eye of the recruiters and also create more opportunities for themselves to assess promotions.

The chain of “TOEIC & MOS: The key to success” seminars has continued to be held broadly in Universities and Colleges on a national scale in the upcoming March and April of this year.

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