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Propell Workshop for the TOEIC Test

On January 2014, EF Education First, the global leader in international education, has published the results of this year’s EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) – the world’s most comprehensive ranking sorting countries and territories by their English skills – among which Vietnam is placed on the 28th position and is one of the five countries with amazed transformation of English proficiency over the six-year period. Even though there still exist several controversies over this ranking result, it is hard to deny that English-language has become the most priority language to Vietnamese people nowadays. In other words, fluency in English has grown to be a must-have requirement to succeed in this fast-paced modern society.

In order to evaluate the English proficiency of employees in a more objective and accurate way, recruiters often recommend using the international standard TOEIC assessment test score. TOEIC, which stands for Test of English in International Communication, is developed by the Education Testing Service (ETS) and has been regarded as one the of the most valued assessment test in the world to measure the English ability of test-taker in an international communicating and working environment. TOEIC has been recognized worldwide by more than 14,000 organizations in 150 countries. In Vietnam, there are more than 350 companies, corporations and business entities which already applied TOEIC standards as their compulsory criteria in making hiring and promoting decisions. Therefore, it is appropriate to say to possess a TOEIC certificate means to have the key to open up opportunities to more attractive job offers or advancement in current job ranking, more importantly, it is valid worldwide.


Seeing the increasing preferences of using international standards, many schools and training center have set their criteria toward the TOEIC standard for their graduating students to satisfy the demand of society for a good source of highly-skilled labors. Therefore, it has reached 127 universities, colleges and vocational schools throughout Vietnam to use TOEIC as their outcome requirements for the graduating class so that they can be confident and competitive in the labor market.

The target of standardizing process is that all graduates meet the outcome benchmark. And it is undeniable that English-language instructors play an important part in helping the students to achieve this result. Besides assisting students with finding useful materials, teachers need to have a good foundation and the capability to deliver to the students the tactics and strategies of taking the test, as well as scoring rubrics and test structure to maximize their score.


In order to create opportunities for the English-language instructors to be more familiar with the real TOEIC test-taking experience, IIG Vietnam – the only representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) – has organized the “Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test”. The Propell itself is developed by ETS and exclusively instructed by TOEIC Master Trainers who were trained and certified directly by ETS.

In this modern and highly interactive learning environment, the “Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test” will provide the course participants and teachers with sufficient knowledge and skills from basic to advanced level of how to ace the TOEIC test while at the same time help build up and develop coursework curriculum to best suit their students.

After finishing the course, participants will receive certificate of completion of the Propell workshop issued by ETS and IIG Vietnam. Besides, after the 3-day training program, participants will also gain more insights on the TOEIC test, knowledge of how to lead a successful TOEIC preparation course as well as chance to network with other TOEIC instructors and share with them his or her own experience, ideas and strategies of the test.

For more details and to find out how to sign up for the Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test, please visit or call (04) 3773 2411 (ext. 682 or 162) – (08) 3990 5888 (ext. 688 or 625)






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