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Launching Toefl Junior in Vietnam The awarding ceremony for TOEFL Junior Challenge Hanoi 2012

TOEFL Junior will be officially introduced in Vietnam on 6 December 2012. For this occasion, the most outstanding candidates of the TOEFL Junior Challenge Hanoi 2012 will also be honoured.

The event boasted the participation of representatives from Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Hanoi Department of Education and Training (DOET), school management boards which has students participating the competition and special attendance of Mr. Simmy Ziv-EL – Senior Director – English language learning – ETS.

TOEFL Junior is specifically designed to assess the degree to which students aged 11-15 have attained language proficiency representative of middle school English-medium instruction in both academic and social areas. ETS creates the test to respond to aspirations of students as they attain English-language proficiency, a more suitable test for young learners worldwide in educational, training, testing fields… Apart from that, TOEFL Junior score also has been linked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) that can provide students with a world common assessment tool for an accurate understanding of their English-language skills. Since 2012, TOEFL Junior has been the official test for those who want to apply for ASSIT program and since June 30 2012, it also replaces for SLEP test worldwide.

The TOEFL Junior Challenge Organizing Board awarding prizes for outstanding schools

 Mr Simmy Ziv El (ETS) and Mr Doan Hong Nam (IIG Vietnam President) is awarding to Nguyen Hoang Long, the Champion of TOEFL Junior Challenge Hanoi 2012

On the launching ceremony, the 12 candidates out of 1,400 good English students from over 80 secondary schools in Hanoi will also be honoured. They are the most outstanding of the competition named TOEFL Junior Challenge Hanoi 2012, one activity in promotion campaign for TOEFL Junior in Vietnam. Through the competition, it’s the first time that Vietnam students have opportunity to experience an internationally specific test for the language learning needs of middle grade students. TOEFL Junior Challenge Hanoi 2012 will present VND 250,000,000 award to 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 1 third prize and up to 9 condolence prizes …

For the special event of launching TOEFL Junior in Vietnam, IIG Vietnam will have interesting gifts for the first 100 registrations for TOEFL Junior by 31 January 2013.

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