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International standard tools for human resource quality assessment

On 6th and 13th November 2011, IIG Vietnam participated in the biggest Vietnam HR Day 2011, introducing the international standard tools for human resource quality assessment to Vietnam HR community in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

HR people asking for information at IIG Vietnam’s booth

HR Day is the biggest annual forum for business people, leaders, executives and HR people. This is the third consecutive year, HR Day has been organized. Vietnam HR Day 2011 with topic “Human resource quality in Vietnamese enterprises” has witnessed the participation of more than 2.000 guests including famous moderators, businessmen and prestigious economic experts in Vietnam for exchanging, sharing and learning experience in human resource management.

Mr. Doan Hong Nam – President of IIG Vietnam – the moderator addressing at the specialized session

It is the second year, IIG Vietnam has sponsored for Vietnam HR Day. With an aim to making contribution to Vietnam HR Community’s development and introducing to HR managers an effective tool for human resource management, IIG Vietnam is not only the BRONZE sponsor of Vietnam HR Day but also the counsellor and moderator in specialized session for sharing and exchanging its experience in effective human resource assessment.

Mr. Doan Hong Nam is awarded certificate for HR Day’s sponsor

Being a training service provider or in other wordsthe organization making contribution to human resource training and also a recruiter seeking for talents and outstanding candidates, IIG Vietnam knows well about the needed requirements for effective recruitment and sustainable development. 

HR Day in Ho Chi Minh city

Each organization has its own requirements for each position; however, the common aims shared by HR managers are the accuracy and objectivenes in recruiting and developing its human resource. With the two effective tools for human resouce management have been widely applied in numerous countries in the world, IIG Vietnam officially introduces an overall solution to enterpirses in Vietnam.

  • Assessing English and IT proficiency by TOEIC and MOS
  • Building TOEIC benchmark – a standard assessment system for specific level of English proficiency for each working position
  • Building Microsoft office application competence standard by MOS (issued and certified by Microsoft) for each working position
  • English, IT training for enhancing English and IT proficiency  in the working environment

Recruiting appropriate staffs is difficult; but how to keep them with your company is much more difficult. This requires intensive investment and consideration. The two tools will help HR managers develop and nurture qualified human resource for the organization.

For further information on International standard tools for human resource quality assessment, please download here



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