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Impressive Efforts of Au Viet Vocational School Towards Applying TOEIC Assessment Standards

On March 9th 2014, following the Memorandum of Understanding between Au Viet Vocational School HCMC and IIG Vietnam on applying TOEIC assessment standards to teaching and learning foreign language at the school, IIG Vietnam has organized the seminar “TOEIC – the key to success” at Au Viet Vocational School to encourage the students, teachers and school staffs to have more understanding about the TOEIC test, so that the process of applying TOEIC assessment standards will receive more compliance from the audience.


Au Viet Vocational School is a professional school with multi levels and training programs from beginner to advanced levels and offers a wide range of majors in different fields including Medicine, Nursing, Banking, Business Administration, Corporate Accounting, Tourism, Applied Information Technology and many other programs partnering with other prestigious Universities and Colleges. With more than 5,000 students attending each year and a stable teaching quality, Au Viet Vocational School has been regarded as one of the most respected vocational school in Hochiminh City region.


Au Viet Vocational School aims at professional training program in order to supply a source of high-skilled technicians to corporations both inside and outside of the country. To follow the motto to increase productivity of the labor in Vietnam up to international standards, the school always concerns with upgrading infrastructures, equipment, spending on research and improving training programs, scientific technology, applications and standards. Among those efforts to improve the quality of training programs at school, on October 22nd 2013, Au Viet Vocational School has entered a signing of cooperation agreement with IIG Vietnam – the only official representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Vietnam – to start organizing the TOEIC test to standardize the English proficiency level of students of the school.


The students listenting attentively to the information provided at the seminar

 “TOEIC – the key to success” seminar has provided the students and teachers of the school with the most updated and official information about the TOEIC test, the benefits of the certificate to the graduating class as well as the applied usage of TOEIC certificate in job searching and promotion in Vietnam and all over the world. At the seminar, specialists from IIG Vietnam also introduces in detail the structure of the test, grading scale, score breakdown and percentile, topics and skills covered, test-taking techniques and strategies and so on. TOEIC test is not the only subject that is covered at the seminar, specialist from IIG Vietnam also shares with the students other English learning tools to best prepare for the TOEIC test, which is the English Discoveries Online (EDO) and TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course (TOEIC OLPC).


Specialist from IIG Vietnam listening attentively to the students’ concern at Au Viet Vocational School

The seminar is wrapped up by the questions and answers section with full participation from the students, teachers of Au Viet Vocational School and specialists from IIG Vietnam on information surrounding the TOEIC test itself and the strategies to face the test. Each question and concern is received warmly with fruitful answer by the specialists from IIG Vietnam.

With the efforts and determination that the Board of School from Au Viet Vocational School has set in mind and along with the spirit and dedication to learning of the students of the school, IIG Vietnam believes in the success of Au Viet Vocational School in applying TOEIC assessment standards to students and also in the goal of building a highly-skilled source of labor to contribute to the industrialization and modernization of the country as a whole.






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