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IIG Vietnam to support young Vietnamese with their study abroad dream

On the 19th and 20th of July 2014, IIG Vietnam continued to take part in the VietAbroader Study Abroad Conference “Passing the Torch” 2014 in HCMC and Hanoi as a Silver sponsor. This is an annual conference that equips young Vietnamese with knowledge, network and necessary support to succeed in the university and scholarships application to the US. This year’s conference attracted thousands of visitors in Hanoi and HCMC. 


With the information technology development and the flat-world tendency, there are more and more Vietnamese students trying to study and work overseas. According to IIE (Institute of International Education), Vietnam currently ranks 8th in the number of students studying in the US. In his speech during the conference, Mr. Terry White, Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy stated, “The US education system is the best education system in the world, in terms of quality, flexibility, and exchanging opportunities. What is special about the US education to international students is not only a chance to have a good degree, but also a chance to meet and exchange with other cultures, to learn new things, critical thinking, team working skills, problem solving skills, and even to make friends and widen their network with American and international students. All of which helps the students to be successful in the future. In other words, the US education brings students the opportunity to fully develop and grow”.


Mr. Terry White – Public Affairs Officer of the US Embassy giving a speech in the conference

VietAbroader Study Abroad Conference 2014 was designed to have rotational discussion rooms, with the following topics: Experience sharing, essay writing, college life and post college life. The conference attracted not only students but also many parents who want to support their children in the application process to study in the US. In the discussion groups, there were lots of questions about the applying experience; studying methods for TOEFL iBT, SAT I, SAT II; and essay writing experience.


As the only official representative of ETS in Vietnam, IIG Vietnam is the only organization authorized by the ETS to provide necessary standardized tests for the US studies application process, such as TOEFL iBT, SAT and GRE. During the conference, IIG Vietnam’s information booth welcomed many students and parents asking for detailed advice about these tests.


IIG Vietnam’s representatives consulting the conference’s attendees

Besides the information about the standardized tests, IIG Vietnam’s consultants also provided the participated students and parents with official ETS’ practice tools, such as TPO (TOEFL Practice Online – an official ETS website that lets students practice all four skills measured on the TOEFL iBT, with only ¼ of the price of the real test), and The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT test (the official TOEFL iBT practice book by the ETS). Moreover, to help the students in their preparation and application process to study in the US, IIG Vietnam offers specialized training courses that fulfill students’ various needs. These courses include TOEFL iBT, TPO, and Essay Writing with native teachers’ instructions.


In oversea studies consultancy area, IIG Vietnam has an advantage of being the representative of many universities, colleges and high schools in the US; the University Preparation Course at famous universities in the US; the official representative of ICD in Vietnam; and the only organizer of SIG (Summer Institute for the Gifted). With such tools and services, IIG Vietnam commits to fully support students from preparing for the standardized English tests to selecting and applying for schools and universities, as well as assisting them while they’re studying abroad, so that they can achieve the best results while being in the US.

For more information about TOEFL iBT courses, please visit: www.iigtraining.com

For more information about oversea studies services for studying in the US, please visit: www.duhociig.com



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