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IIG Vietnam – New website, new facilities, new benefits

On February 12th 2014, a brand new website of IIG Vietnam has been officially launched at www.iigvietnam.com.The organization has significantly invested in the upgrade and launch of the new website with the hope to create an effective and user-friendly portal for its customers and partners both locally and regionally.

The new website features improved visuals, with facilities and tools being redesigned to appear more friendly and convenient for web users. Importantly, the new site also adds new functionalities such as searching tools for testing schedule, tests score release date (updated daily), and so on.


On the top of content area feature the slideshows with the hottest news, current programs and events held by IIG Vietnam. Below are the products, carried and distributed by IIG Vietnam, with each product group being assigned neatly into different tabs in order to make it easier for customers to navigate through and look for further information about these products.

News & Events/Spotlights section showcases the latest news of IIG Vietnam to assist the readers find the desired information on these topics.

New categories have also been added to the site such as Recruitment section providing with information on current and possible job opportunities using the existing international-valued certification – this is truly a bridge to connect certificate-holders and corporates together in the job-seeking/recruiting process; Library sectionstoring photos, videos and materials from the social activities of IIG Vietnam, with participation from the students, parents and IIG’s partners, etc.  

The website can be accessed on popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. as well as via mobile phone or tablet. In short, users can have access to information, services, and applications on the website from anywhere. In the near future, IIG Vietnam will invest further in upgrading the technology to enhance the interactivity between the website and its users, which is application of new functions such as online test registration, online purchasing of English learning materials/accounts.

Being the representative of world leading organizations in Vietnam and in the region, IIG Vietnam always prioritizes the task to publicize to learners and test-takers in Vietnam the valued assessment tests and comprehensive solutions in teaching, learning and evaluating the proficiency of English-language and ICT at schools and companies. These efforts are to help contribute to the development of Vietnam education system and to bring about the ultimate benefits to the community. Upgrading the electronic communication channel with superior utilities and functions is part of the efforts to step-by-step implement the mentioned plan of IIG Vietnam.






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