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I want to do TOEFL iBT as I really like the idea of helping someone succeed

   Those words are from Ms. Sandra Ketcherside, an English-language teacher of American Secondary School, with IIG Vietnam after attending the TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop, which was designed for English-language teachers in Hanoi. The workshop was co-organized by ETS and IIG Vietnam with direct coaching from ETS trainers.

With more than 2 years of English-language teaching experience in Vietnam, Ms. Sandra Ketcherside (an American teacher) has been doing English test preparation courses for secondary school students mainly. Participating in the TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop, she hoped to get all the information needed to decide teaching the TOEFL iBT preparation course. “I want to do TOEFL iBT as it is important for someone in the future. I really like the idea of helping someone succeed. There are a lot of challenges facing students when they first study in an international environment, preparing my students for the TOEFL iBT test also means that I am providing them with pratical skills to be more confident in a new environment,” said she.


Warming-up activities

 “All the instructors are very knowledgeable. They gave us the most updated information and insight into the TOEFL iBT test, test-taking strategies, and other effective tools for designing and leading a TOEFL iBT preparation class that is successful for both students and teachers. Every question type is discussed in more details than I could actually meet. There are many skills and techniques from the workshop that I can apply to my daily teaching as well as designing a TOEFL iBT preparation course for my students. The workshop really provided us with practical information to help our students to maximize their scores”. MsSandra confirmed.


Discussion section

Her satisfaction was also shared by other teachers attending the workshop. They all highly appreciated the strategy, techniques and skills for building a TOEFL iBT preparation course learnt from enthusiastic and experienced ETS trainers. The workshop was well prepared and organized with in-depth curriculum and practical application. Besides, the highly-interactive learning environment with mordern facilities also provided teachers with opportunities to have a microteaching in a sample class with other teaching colleagues.



Before the workshop, only 7% attending teachers felt confident in leading a TOEFL iBT preparation class, but after the workshop, the figure has reached 75%. Coming to the workshop, only 35% attending teacher believed that the TOEFL iBT test was a valuable English language learning assessment for their students’ success. After the workshop, more than 80% of the attending teachers considered the test as a standardized assessment for their students when studying abroad and willing to recommend the workshop to other teaching colleagues. The workshop really helped teachers to master test-taking techniques and design an effective preparation course to increase their students’ chances to achieve higher TOEFL iBT scores.


 Teachers completing TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop and receiving ETS certificates

 The TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop, which is co-organized by ETS and IIG Vietnam – an exclusive authorized representative of ETS in Vietnam, will be open regularly on a national scale. The next TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop is being scheduled as followed:

–          In Hanoi: 20th , 21st , 22nd June 2014

–          In Ho Chi Minh City: July 2014


For registration, please contact IIG Vietnam:

–          Hanoi: 04 3773 2411 (Extension 682, 162) – Email:  customercare@133.240

–          HCM City: 08 3990 5888 (Extension: 688, 825) – Email: hcm@133.240

Website: www.toeic.com.vn – www.toefl.com.vn – www.iigvietnam.com

All the teachers, who have completed the TOEFL iBT Propell Workshop 3 in Hanoi and received ETS certificates, are listed: here







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