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HCMC Banking University to support students improving their it skills with MOS




Ho Chi Minh city, June 12th 2014, IIG Vietnam signed the Memorandum of Understanding with HCMC Banking University to collaborate in developing MOS as an IT benchmark for this university’s students. This is one of the activities in the core strategy of HCMC Banking University from 2008 to 2020 to improve training quality and increase the competitiveness of the school graduates.


Mr. Doan Hong Nam (President, IIG Vietnam) & MA. Le Tan Phat (Vice Principal, HCMC Banking University) at the signing ceremony

In the digital age, it is essential for students to have IT skills to access new knowledge and reach their full potential. Office IT skills also act as a useful tool to assist graduates in finding job opportunities. While there are more and more enterprises standardizing their recruiting and promoting requirements by international certificates such as TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, MOS, and IC3, having such qualifications is having one more ticket to success.

HCMC Banking University is a multidisciplinary university with a focus on finance-banking. The human resources trained by this university are capable of working in business management, research, financing and banking. The University is also a well-known science research center in finance-banking and business management.


IIG Vietnam and HCMC banking university exchanging at the signing ceremony

HCMC Banking University always focuses on improving the quality of teaching and learning, and is going forward to measure and evaluate the university’s activities by national and international standards. Thus, the university actively proposed to cooperate with IIG Vietnam – the national representative of Certiport – in order to apply appropriate evaluation benchmarks and improve the teachers and students’ IT skills in accordance with international standard. The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the following content:

–        IIG Vietnam will consult the implementation of applying MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) as an IT benchmark for the university’s students.

–       IIG Vietnam will collaborate with the university to organize annual MOS tests for the students upon school request. 

–       IIG Vietnam will support the university in promoting the university’s Center of Foreign Languages and Information Technology as the official training partner of Certiport’s international IT tests.

–       IIG Vietnam will support organizing MOS training workshops for IT teachers; provide soft copies of books for teachers, lecture slides, and assignments for the use of MOS training.

–       IIG Vietnam will work with Fahasa to print MOS books for the university’s students.


Mr. Doan Hong Nam (President, IIG Vietnam) & MA. Le Tan Phat (Vice Principal, HCMC Banking University) exchanging the signed documents

This Memorandum of Understanding brings the students of HCMC Banking University an opportunity to access the most popular office IT standard in the world while promoting the movement to learn and practice IT among the university. With the experience in the field of educational testing and training advisory. IIG Vietnam is committed to support HCMC Banking University to successfully implement this Memorandum of Understanding.





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