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English and Information technology under the eyes of Employers

Hanoi, June 15, 2013, at National Economics University (NEU) hall in Hanoi, the “English and IT under the eyes of employers” Seminar took place under the cooperation between the Department of Foreign Language for Business of National Economics University and IIG Vietnam.

The seminar was the rendezvous among students, the university, education specialists and top-notch employers, which provides valuable information for all students in Hanoi in general and students of NEU in particular. At this Seminar, information about international English and IT certificates such as TOEIC, TOEFL iBT and MOS was thoroughly circulated to students (Photo – NEU students attentively listening to guests from IIG Vietnam, Manpower and VPBank).

Among necessary preparation, responses at job interviews have always been regarded as “concerns” by students. Mr. Vu Duc Minh, an expert from the world leading recruitment firm – Manpower, shared with students the best skills to persuade the employer within a limited time. Mr. Vu Duc Minh also reinforced and enabled students to explicitly acknowledge the role of job application dossier and the importance of international certificates attached to their resume. (Photo – Mr. Vu Duc Minh – Public Relations Manager of Manpower sharing experiences in job application and interview performance).

This seminar especially has facilitated a bridge between NEU students with VPBank – one of the leading commercial banks in Vietnam. Recruitment cases shared by Ms. Cao Thi Van Anh – Director of Human Resources and Administration Center, Human Resource Management group at VPBank headquarter – received huge attention from participants in the hall and upcoming recruitment information and criteria of VPBank were also updated to students (Photo – Ms. Cao Thi Van Anh – Director of Human Resources and Administration Center, Human Resource Management group, VPBank headquarter revealing job opportunities at VPBank).

Discussion among the seminar attendees facilitated a truly appealing and open forum to address a number of concerns from participating students. The Seminar provided relevant and precise orientation for students in their studies, which helps them to specify their career direction for the future and consequently improve their understanding about human resources recruitment procedure as well as solutions to skills and competitiveness enhancement of Vietnamese youth amid a globalized environment. Through the Seminar, future graduates have been endowed with solutions – international English Test – TOEIC and IT Test – MOS to prepare for their job seeking.

A series of this Seminar will tentatively take place nationwide in the time to come.






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