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EDO – solution of standardizing graduate English proficiency at The People’s Police Academy

Ha Noi, March 5th 2014, more than 500 young soldiers from The People’s Police Academyhave participated in a seminar on English Discoveries Online (EDO) – an online teaching and learning English program created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and exclusively distributed by IIG Vietnam. “English Discoveries Online – the comprehensive solution to teaching and learning English” seminar is also honored to have many officials, head and teachers of different departments of the Academy present at the seminar.


Lecture hall of The People’s Police Academy

The People’s Police Academyis one of the key training institutes of the Vietnamese’s Public Security, with the mission to educate Vietnamese soldiers of the graduate and post-graduate level to become sources for public security force. During the last 20 years, The People’s Police Academyhas continuously redesigned its course content, curriculum; laying out the foundation; recreating the training program; changing the teaching methods and so on to improve and sustain the training quality. Among all these restructurings, the Academy always pays close attention to carrying out research on new methods and foreign language training programs to improve the proficiency of the learners and help increase the supply of highly-skilled and more comprehensive source of labor.

English Discoveries Online is an online teaching and learning English program that helps learners achieve comprehensive English level after following only 10 courses (equals to 1,000 hours) from beginner to advanced level. With the Blended learning and Distance learning module, EDO is the most effective solution using a combination of traditional teaching and modern and highly-interacted technology to create an ideal study environment for the students. EDO has been integrated successfully in more than 30 countries with millions of English learners worldwide. In Vietnam, many Department of Training and Education (including Dong Nai Province, Tien Giang Province, Vinh Long Province…), Universities, Colleges, International schools (including Hanoi University, University of Economics Hochiminh City, Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam Maritime University, Thang Long University…) and large corporations (including Vietnam Airlines, HochiMinh General Department of Taxation…) have relied on EDO to help improve foreign language proficiency and quality of their students as well as employees.

With the popularity and practical benefits that EDO brings about, since the second semester of 2014 school year, The People’s Police Academyhas started applying EDO program onto their first-year students to improve their foreign language proficiency and surpass the outcome standard of TOEIC 400 for graduation. The program will be put to use annually as an essential tool to support teaching and learning English at school.

In the seminar, representative of Foreign Language Department has announced the decision to integrate EDO into teaching and learning English at school. On the other hand, specialists from IIG Vietnam have given a brief introduction to the students and teachers about the program, including its benefits to teachers and learners, its exclusive and most prominent features, program structures and methods to study effectively. Besides, the students are also given opportunities to proactively learn more about EDO program by participating in the activities held by IIG Vietnam specialists during the seminar.


Specialists from IIG Vietnam giving instructions to students on how to use EDO to track their study progress


Representatives from IIG Vietnam passing out gifts to students participating in the activites

Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thao – Deputy Department Head of Foreign Language Department of The People’s Police Academy – shares: “We appreciate highly all the benefits that EDO program brings about to our students and applying EDO onto our curriculum will definitely reduce the burden of the school in training Foreign Language. EDO is certainly the best solution to help students of our school learn foreign language in the more effective and modern way.

For more details on EDO program, please visit www.iiglearning.comwww.iigvietnam.com






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