Competing for the 3 tickets to USA to enter the Final World Round of MOSWC 2014 – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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Competing for the 3 tickets to USA to enter the Final World Round of MOSWC 2014

After 6 weeks of intense competition, 90 best contestants have entered the Final Round National at 2 major cities: Hanoi and Hochiminh City. This is the last chance for these young IT talents to compete for the 3 tickets to USA to participate in the Final World Round of MOSWC 2014.

The Final National Round of MOSWC 2014 has officially started on March 1st 2014 on a national scale. The special aspect of the competition this year is that the students are allowed to take the test multiple times and select the best results to submit, therefore, the top 90 final contestants are chosen under intense competition in all 3 test categories (MS Word 2010, MS Powerpoint 2010, MS Excel 2010). Toward the end of the contest, the competition is getting even more fierce as the list of the top 90 students keeps changing week by week. There are a lot of students with the perfect scores pushing the eligibility benchmark up even higher. The list of 90 best contestants was finalized with Banking University Hochiminh City topping the list, assuring its first place as the school with the most students entering the final round national with a total of 18 students, followed by Foreign Trade University Hanoi with 15 students.


This year, the students coming from the Southern area are still dominating the Final Round National with 64 students (approximately 71% of the total final round contestants), followed by the Northern area with 26 students (approximately 29% of the total final round). Especially, the number of students reaching the perfect score (1000/1000 points) at all 3 test categories also increases significantly with 15 students in MS Word (accounts for 50%), 4 students in MS Excel (accounts for 13%) and 7 students in MS PowerPoint (accounts for 23%).

Another special aspect of the competition this year is that the Final Round National will follow the same test format and content as of the Final World Round with 2 test sections. At the first section, contestants of MS Word and MS Excel test categories will be tested with the test on Expert level while contestants of the MS PowerPoint will be tested with the Specialist level. For the second section, the contestants will be challenged with the new scenario-based exams. The students will be given real-life scenarios to work with and they will be required to perform specific set of actions to create a finished product. When the MOS Expert and MOS Specialist are being evaluated using electronic raters with instant score feedback, scenario exam will be judged by an expert panel and the results will come out after 7 working days. The results of students at the Final Round National will be evaluated upon the accumulation of both sections with equal importance, on the scale of 1000 points for each section.

Through this competition, the Organizing Committee hopes to select the 3 best MOS Ambassadors to represent Vietnam and compete at the World Championship taken place in California, USA from July 27th– 30th 2014. This is the fifth times Vietnam has sent students to the World Championship and during the 2010 Championship, Vietnam Ambassadors got in Top 4 in MS Excel 2003 section and Top 6 in MS Word 2003 section; in 2012, contestant Tran Dinh Vi from University of Banking Hochiminh City won the Gold Medal in MS Word 2010; in 2013, contestant Phan Tien Dung, another student coming from UBH won the Bronze Medal in MS Word 2010. The MOSWC in Vietnam is organized by IIG Vietnam – the exclusive authorized representative of Certiport in Vietnam – with the sponsorship support from Viettel Group (Diamond Sponsor), VP Bank (Gold Sponsor), ED (Silver Sponsor) and Sanako (Bronze Sponsor).






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