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Becoming MOS Champion thanks to School’s year book

The MOSWC 2014 in Vietnam has come to an end with proud and honor given to young IT talents of Southern provinces as all the 3 champions come from HCM City. Particularly, the title “MOS ambassador” has been awarded to a high school student for the first time. Passing university students, who had previously gained absolute points in the Microsoft Office Specialist/Expert test, Trần Phuc Duy, a 10th grader of Dinh Thien Ly High School (HCM City), excellently changed the state of the game by the Scenario test and achieved the First Prize for MOS PowerPoint.

The contest result has reaffirmed HCM City Department of Education and Training’s appropriate efforts in enhancing English and IT proficiency for its students up to international standards. Tran Phuc Duy also won the First Prize at the local IT contest organized by HCM City MOET and IIG Vietnam “MOS Challenge Ho Chi Minh 2014”. He and the two other winners were privileged to enter the Final Round of MOSWC 2014 in Vietnam. Let’s share with him the feeling of becoming a new MOS ambassador, who will represent Vietnam to compete in the Final Round of MOSWC 2014 in the U.S.


Who had the greatest impact on your success in the MOSWC 2014, which was supposed to be a playing ground for mostly university students?

The first person that I should mention is Mr. Huynh Thien Bao, my IT teacher. He always searches for new IT applications for the school and introduce new and interesting IT contests to us. Knowing that the MOSWC is an IT contest, which evaluate students’ skills of using  Microsoft Office applications, organized by IIG Vietnam – an exclusive authorized representative of Certiport in Vietnam, to select best candidates for the Final Round of MOSWC 2014 in the U.S, I decided to enter the contest to I identify my ability as compared to other students. I was so surprised at my achievement at the contest.

However, it is the teachers and friends, who have worked with me in the Book Year project, that have greatest influence on my achievement. The Dinh Thien Ly Year Book project has been implemented for the past 4 years with 4 volumes. They have been all designed by Microsoft PowerPoint applications. We have made full use of all Microsoft PowerPoint features to complete the Year Book both in term of graphic design and content. By designing the Year Book, I have accumulated a lot of skills and experience, which have helped me maximize points in the contest.




– Name: Tran Phuc Duy

– Birth date: 8th March 1998  

– Class and School: 10I1 Dinh Thien Ly High school

– Hobby:  Listening to music, making Video Clip, mixing Music and designing  Poster

– Achievement: Excellent students for 10 executive years

– Other activities: Chief of Designer, Communication Division of Dinh Thien Ly High School

– Facebook:



How do you comment on the Final Round of MOSWC 2014 in Vietnam?

I think that the way they test was very practical. Instead of focusing on theory, the test paid much attention on practicing skills to produce a complete product. Especially, the Scenario test was really interesting and practical. It required us to display a real corporate presentation. With this kind of test, we can combine all of our knowledge and skills to make a final product. I am rather confident in the Final Round in the U.S but still need a little more practicing and preparation. (Smile)

As a high school student, what do you think the MOSWC benefits students for their study and life?

As a student of Dinh Thien Ly High School, I have more access to computer applications, especially graphic designing and modern presentation. Thus, the contest has provided me with necessary knowledge and experience to support my study and presentation. Moreover, as a MOS ambassador 2014, I am privileged to approach career opportunities in various enterprises such as Viettel (a Diamond Sponsor, who have been going with the MOSWC for the past 4 years), VP Bank, ED, Microsoft, Sanako and Jetstar.

Besides the passion for IT, are you interested in any other field?

Besides IT, I spend a lot of my time on graphic designing. I enjoy designing poster, making trailer and producing video clip or doing some design projects. Those activities provide me opportunities to enhance my skills of using Microsoft Office applications. Sometimes my mom disagrees as I stay up too late to do those activities. But she doesn’t stop me because she knows I love those jobs. (Smile). I hope to enter the ACAWC for graphic designers also organized by IIG Vietnam next year.

Thanks and wish you more sucess at the Final Round of MOSWC 2014 in the U.S.

In order to go along with the MOSWC 2014, the MOS PowerPoint 2010 training course open in 19th May 2014 gives special offer for participants: 30% discount on the tuition fee and a free of charge MOS PowerPoint 2010 exam certified by Microsoft and 30% discount on the fee for participants re-taking the exams. For more information and registration, please contact:

Tel: 04 3773 2411 (Ext. 165, 398)

Email: mos@133.240









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