A Memorandum Of Cooperation Signed Between IIG Vietnam And Sai Gon Polytechnic – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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A Memorandum Of Cooperation Signed Between IIG Vietnam And Sai Gon Polytechnic

Hochiminh City, February 23rd 2014, IIG Vietnam has signed a memorandum of understanding with Saigon Polytechnic on educational testing services and consulting on foreign language training to meet international standards. Present at the signing ceremony were Leaders from the Department of Education and Training Hochiminh City, the Bureau of Professional Education and University, Board of Directors, school staffs and Lead of each educational/professional department from Saigon Polytechnic.

English language and Information Technology have gradually become critical and essential tools to assist the students with their study and also to optimize their own potential when they are still in school. Proficiency in both English and Information Technology will definitely help the students gain substantial advantages after they graduate to look for jobs and emerge into the real world. Companies now are increasing their criteria and requirements for new employees’ recruitment especially the ability to work in foreign language and technology environment as there are more and more companies evaluate employees using TOEIC and MOS assessment certificate.

Saigon Polytechnic is one of the key schools in Hochiminh City area to train and tutor professions which are necessary and fundamental for the society. In order to improve the quality of education in schools, to guarantee the outcome of all professions according to Circular 01/2014/TT-BGDDT promulgated on January 24th 2014 by Ministry of Education and Training on Common Frame for Foreign Language, Saigon Polytechnic has decided to apply new outcome standards for the graduating class of 05, 06 and later on. At the same time, the school has actively initiated the signing the cooperation with IIG Vietnam to apply the assessment standards of foreign language and information technology onto their graduating students. IIG Vietnam, with its 14 years being country representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Certiport in Vietnam, has partnered with Saigon Polytechnic to research the relevant conditions of the school and finally applied assessment tools suitable for its curriculum and programs. According to the memorandum of understanding, Saigon Polytechnic will receive supports from IIG Vietnam in the following areas:

–          Setting up TOEIC Propell Workshop to improve the proficiency of English-language of the teachers from Saigon Polytechnic as well as providing them with necessary tools, teaching materials and strategies to teach English the most effectively.

–          IIG Vietnam will be responsible for organizing the tests, classifying the incoming freshman into appropriate levels as well as certifying the outcome of the graduating seniors.

–          IIG Vietnam will also provide consultations and advices for students from Saigon Polytechnic with study materials and equipment needed for IC3 and MOS tests.

–          IIG Vietnam commits to provide assistance for the teaching and studying of English language and Information and Technology with comprehensive support solutions such as Sanako Lab Software and English online program EDO.

–          Depending on the current facilities on the school, IIG Vietnam will partner with Saigon Polytechnic to administer and certify the tests TOEIC, MOS and IC3 at the school.

This signing of cooperation is regarded as a substantial effort of the Board of Directors as well as Board of Rectors of Saigon Polytechnic to provide the students with the best facilities and environment to optimize their potential. This is also a valuable opportunity for the school to step up to a different level and secure their reputation in the eye of the recruiters and learners as well as their position in the society. This agreement of cooperation will definitely be a push to the learning English and technology movement of students of the school, as well as, equip them with an essential key to open up new opportunities in the future. 








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