6849 students of Can Tho University take TOEIC for placement tests – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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6849 students of Can Tho University take TOEIC for placement tests

In 2 days of October 29 – 30th 2011, IIG Vietnam and Can Tho University co-administered TOEIC placement tests for 6849 students of Can Tho University

It’s the fourth consecutive years that TOEIC is used for Can Tho freshmen placement test. Entering cooperation contract with IIG Vietnam using TOEIC for freshman’s placement test since 2008, Can Tho University is the pioneer of Mekong Delta Region to apply TOEIC benchmark for its students. With an aim to adopting TOEIC not only in Can Tho University but the whole Mekong Delta Region, Can Tho University’s Managing Board strongly believed that this is the good chance to enhance foreign language standard of the whole region.

The University Rector, Associate Pro. Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan affirms that TOEIC is the most appropriate test for Cantho University students and teachers’ foreign language proficiency assessment, enabling Cantho University to meet the society’s demand in the integration period.

Can Tho University’s students after the placement exam

Basing on the placement exam result, Can Tho University will split students into appropriate classes which are suitable to their ability and enable them to approach to international-standard tests for English self-assessment and appropriate learning plan.

Cantho University students after the exam

According to the university managing board, this year, TOEIC administration plan was informed to students earlier together with the detail plan for the administration.. For the detail information about exam schedule, venue …, students can easily get access from the university’s website so they were readily prepared and very eager to take such an international exam.


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