Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship – Viettel 2021 launch: Conquer technology to enjoy passion

Being the biggest Office Information Technology playground welcomed by students around the nation, the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship – Viettel 2021 is launched by a joint effort between Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, IIG Vietnam, and Viettel Telecom. We hope the COVID-19 pandemic will soon pass so students with a passion for Information Technology can compete once again.

Phát động Cuộc thi Vô địch Tin học văn phòng thế giới - Viettel 2021

After 11 successful seasons with lots of achievements, MOSWC – Viettel is more and more being recognized as an entertaining competition for students who have a passion for technology and want to develop skills for their future careers. The competition is open for students from 13 to 22 years old to find and honor talented individuals who excel in using Microsoft Office software applications with 03 main categories: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Although the 4th COVID wave had an impact on the launch, the organizers are trying to keep the competition meaningful to welcome and give chances to talented students all over the nation. Besides giving supports to all the teams and competitors in order to participate, this year’s MOSWC – Viettel has some new points in the regulation that can make the competition more appealing to participants.

Click here to see the new regulation.

A new opportunity for non-specialized Secondary and High schools

According to the new regulation for MOSWC – Viettel 2021, if the provinces’ Department of Education and Youth Unions cannot organize team selections, the non-specialized Secondary and High schools in those areas are allowed to nominate their own specialized team to the competition’s organizers to participate. This new regulation, a new highlight and never before seen for this year’s competition, allows more chances to all the students who want to express themselves through a competitive, fair, and equalized playfield.

Largest numbers of students per team ever before

Not only the number of teams participating in the competition expanding, but this year’s competition will also have adjustments in the number of participants per team. The details are:

  • Each Province, Youth Committee, or Department of Education and Training is allowed to have a maximum of 30 participants per subject (Hanoi and Hochiminh City can have 60 participants per subject) selected from Secondary and High schools (not including specialized High schools).
  • Each academy, university, college, Secondary school, and specialized High school is allowed to have a maximum of 20 participants per subject.
  • A maximum of 450 free participants will be selected to compete in the Qualifying round of MOSWC – Viettel 2021. Click here to register as free participants.

This new change will allow more participants to compete; however, this also makes the challenge even more challenging for the participants to conquer in the 2021 season.

Enticing prizes, especially for participants from remote areas

The prize structure of the National round is very appealing with 3 First Prizes, 9 Second Prizes, 18 Third Prizes, 45 Consolation Prizes, 3 Prospect Prizes with individual and group prizes for 3 subjects. The total prize value is estimated to be billions of dongs.

Đoàn Việt Nam tiếp tục giữ vững phong độ với vị trí tốp 10 đội tuyển MOSWC mạnh nhất Thế giới trong nhiều năm liên tiếp

3 National champions of 3 subjects will be honored to be Ambassadors, having the responsibilities representing the nation to compete with friends around the globe. At the Final International round, participants will get a chance to receive 7.000 USD First prize, 3.500 USD Second prize, and 1.500 USD Third prize. This is not only a rare opportunity for Vietnamese students to achieve “the American dream” while still being a student but also a valuable chance to prove their talent on an international stage and bring glorious achievements to Vietnam.

Additionally, this year the Organizer has special prizes to encourage students in remote areas, where educational conditions are still poor. Each student and their teachers from 1 of 3 areas Northern Midlands and Mountains, Central Highlands, and Mekong Delta will have a chance to be honored at the area level with 3 First prizes, 6 Second prizes, 9 Third prizes, 30 Consolation prizes, and 3 Best Information Technology teacher prizes.

Ba nhà vô địch MOSWC – Viettel 2020 nhận giải thưởng cao nhất của cuộc thi

We hope that, with changes to this year’s regulation, MOSWC will still be the most appealing Information Technology playground nationally, receiving attention and participation from talented young students from Vietnam.


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