Valuable TOEIC Conference at Thai Nguyen University Of Information And Communication Technology – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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Valuable TOEIC Conference at Thai Nguyen University Of Information And Communication Technology

On March 21st 2014, students and the teachers from Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communication Technology (ICTU) have had opportunity to attend an exciting, informative and valuable conference with specialists from IIG Vietnam on TOEIC assessment standards as well as the all the tools needed for the preparation of the test. The Conference was jointly held by IIG Vietnam, Economic Information Systems Department and Sunflower Center – ICTU under the name “English Assessment Standard in the eye of Recruiters” Conference. The Conference was honored to have representatives from the Board of school, Head of the Departments and teachers and students of different departments of the school present at the Conference.


Mr. Vu Duc Thai (PhD) – Vice President of Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communication Technology – giving the opening speech


The Conference attracts a lot of students of the Thai Nguyen ICTU

Founded in 2000, Thai Nguyen ICTU has become one of the key universities in the northern midland and mountainous area. The school’s mission is to become an important training center and a valuable source of highly-skilled labor both in undergraduate and graduate studies; a scientific research center and center of transfer of technology in the information and communication technology field to support the process of industrialization and modernization of the country. In order to achieve that goal, the school has decided to apply practical training programs, pay more attention to scientific research and applications, and transfer of technology process to satisfy the increasing demand of the society in the field of technology and also strengthen its cooperation with other research centers, universities and corporations both inside and outside of the country.

Thai Nguyen ICTU never stops searching for and experimenting new training methods and evaluation standards to improve the teaching and learning quality and reassure the outcome of the students. Following the success of “Training to the Need of the Society” seminar (taken placed on October 2013) which focused on introducing the assessment standard system of foreign language (TOEIC) and information technology (MOS, IC3), this year, the school has partnered with IIG Vietnam to organize the “Foreign language Assessment standard in the eye of the Recruiter” Conference to provide the students as well as the teachers of the school with more information about the importance of English assessment standard, the benefits of TOEIC assessment and also all the tools needed to maximize the results.


Speaker from IIG Vietnam giving lecture on TOEIC assessment standards

At the conference, guest speakers from IIG Vietnam has shared some valuable information with the students about the requirement of the National Foreign Language Project 2020 on foreign language outcome standards, the use of TOEIC in recruitment and promotion assessment process as well as the benefits that TOEIC brings about to the graduating students. Besides, the students also have the opportunity to get familiar with several comprehensive English learning tools such as English Discoveries Online (EDO), TOEIC OLPC to improve their English proficiency and achieve the desirable TOEIC score.

Even though the Conference is meant to carry several complex and barren academic and social messages to the students, the specialists on the other hand are trained to deliver these messages in a friendly and amiable way, through the sharing and passing of experience from the older generations to the younger ones, which makes the conference attract a lot more attention and joy from the participating students. The conference has officially become an useful and valuable meeting between the guest speakers from IIG Vietnam and both the students and teachers of the school, with a wide range of activities during the conference such as art performances, quizzes and interactive games in between the lectures.


Students participating actively in the Conference …



… and receiving gifts


Representatives from IIG Vietnam giving out gifts to students participating in the Conference





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