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Propell Workshop for the TOEIC Test The solution to improve the quality of teachers and students

28-30 March 2014, with the goal to have a deeper understanding of and prepare students for the TOEIC test, approximately 20 English-language teachers from Hanoi and other Northern provinces such as Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Thai Binh… have gathered to attend the Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test. These participants have come from Hanoi University of Technology, Hung Vuong University, Thai Binh Medical and Pharmaceutical  University, Institute of Banking, Soc Son Economic and Technical Vocational School…

The “Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test” is a training course provided by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which designed and developed the TOEIC test, through IIG, its exclusive authorized representative in Vietnam. The workshop is designed to target at different groups: both teachers with experience in training for the TOEIC test, who want to have a deeper understanding of the test to improve their current teaching methods, and normal English-language teachers, who want to shift to professional TOEIC trainers. The course is administered and lectured by certified senior ETS trainers.

The modern and highly-interactive learning environment is one among many advantages of the Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test. By taking the course, the participants have been given the most updated information and insiders’ knowledge about the TOEIC test, ETS’s evaluation standards, curriculum building methods, as well as how to  encourage students’ active involvement in the lectures to acquire the skills to ace the TOEIC test.


Despite being different in ages and experience, all participants of the Propell Workshop have had positive feedbacks about the workshop. Mr. Tran Thanh Son, a senior student with major in Information Technology from Hanoi University of Technology, expressed his desire to become a TOEIC test trainer. In reality, Son is now, on a daily basis, tutoring English and training students for the TOEIC test, and he is planning to start a TOEIC consulting and training center this summer. He said: “I take part in this Workshop to have a comprehensive understanding of the TOEIC test so that I can give better consultation and advice to my students. The workshop has met most of my demand and expectations. More importantly, it is also a valuable chance to meet other teachers who have years of experience in teaching TOEIC and learn from their experience.”


Taking lessons from the lecture

This workshop has also welcomed a significant participation of English-language teachers coming from Foreign Language Department, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang said: “The Foreign Language Department of the International School is in need of teachers, who is trained relative to TOEIC standard, to support the process of standardizing the graduates, especially graduate students and students participating in joint training programs with foreign universities. Besides, the need to possess a TOEIC certificate for job-seekers these days has increased substantially, leading to the increasing need for more the TOEIC test trainers. Ms. Hang commented: “The class is a lot of fun and valuable; the instructor is really helpful, amicable and open to us in terms of sharing her real-life experience in teaching.”

The Workshop has been wrapped up after 3 consecutive days of extensive training. Upon completion, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion of the TOEIC Propell Workshop issued directly by ETS and IIG Vietnam, certifying that the participant has been equipped with the most essential knowledge and skills of the TOEIC test relative to ETS standards. Possessing this certificate would surely benefit the development and reputation in the teaching career of each participant.


Participants receiving Certificate of Completion


The Propell Workshop for the TOEIC test is being held periodically by IIG Vietnam on national scale. For more details, please contact: customercare@133.240






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