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EDO Preferred Solution at Chilean University

Edusoft, together with via Arquimed, has partnered with The Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) to increase English proficiency in the university’s Engineering Faculty. USACH has had overwhelming success in its pilot program with Edusoft’s English Discoveries Online (EDO) Blended Learning solution. The 2013 pilot initially tested students in the Engineering Faculty and it was found that 82% of those students needed to improve their English proficiency.

Having only used classic face-to-face teaching in the past, the USACH Engineering Faculty wanted a Blended Learning model of implementation, face-to-face tutoring throughout the course, and an intuitive digital platform that students could become familiar with quickly and easily. EDO’s customizability and Blended Learning methodology made Edusoft the natural choice to fulfill the university’s requirements and expectations both in content and ease of use, giving the Engineering Faculty the tools they needed for successful outcomes. The feedback from the students who participated in the program was extremely favorable, reporting a very positive e-learning experience, appreciation for the ongoing face-to-face tutorial support throughout the course, as well as an enjoyable EDO user experience which facilitated successful autonomous study. All of these positive experiences throughout the course aided in developing the students’ self-confidence – something that was extremely important to the university.


Of the engineering students who participated in the EDO pilot, 86% passed their final exams. With such a hugely successful outcome, the Engineering Faculty of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile has increased its order for licenses by 400% for each semester of the coming academic year. Furthermore, USACH aims to increase their annual orders until all faculties have added EDO to their programs of study as well.

“USACH is a unique project due to the specific needs of the Engineering Faculty as well as the challenges faced in implementing a wholly new digital ELL program where face-to-face was the standard before. Through this pilot, Edusoft has once again proven that our customizable solutions make us the obvious choice for institutions and universities alike.” – Uri Heiman – VP Sales and Implementation, Edusoft Ltd.

English Discoveries Online is not only preferred in Chile and South America, but also popular in more than 30 countries. In Vietnam, EDO has been trusted and applied by many educational management authorities, such as Department of Education and Training (DOET) of Hochiminh City, DOET of Dong Nai province, DOET of Tien Giang province, DOET of Vinh Long province; universities and colleges, e.g. Hanoi University, Hochiminh city University of Economics, Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam Marine University…; international K-12 schools and substantial organizations, e.g. Vietnam Airlines, Vinaphone, General Department of Taxation – Hochiminh City etc.






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