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National Excel champion of Microsoft Office World Champion 2010 awarded with the Golden Globe on IT 2010

On Dec 29th 2010, Le Nguyen Anh Duong, the national incumbent champion, the 4th of the world competition of Excel 2003 category of Microsoft Office World Champion 2010 was honored to be awarded with “Golden Globe 2010” on IT by Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan – the Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam. “Golden Globe” is the most honorable award that annually presented to outstanding IT young talents by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The nominees for Golden Globe must have outstanding achievements in their academic record, IT application that are recognized by national and international organizations for their scientific, economic and social values. 2010 is the 7th year of the award, Le Nguyen Anh Duong, with her impressive achievement at the world-known Microsoft Office World Champion 2010 competition has surpassed many others to be the owner of Golden Global 2010.

 Le Nguyen Anh Duong with Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan – Deputy Prime Minister at the “Golden Globe” awarding ceremony

Addressing at the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan expressed his joy for there are more and more excellent young talents in IT field. Mr. Nhan also released that leaders of the state and the Party highly value the role as well as the policy for human resource development in IT industry. Prime Minister has approved the project “Advancing Vietnam to become a powerful country in IT and communication” with many policies for encouraging development including the development of international standard IT human resources. The increase number of Vietnamese students who have proved themselves at international IT competitions is a good signal for a Vietnam in the integration process into global education especially with the success of Vietnam team at Microsoft Office World Champion 2010. The year 2011 is coming and promising many more young Vietnamese IT talents at the prestigious competition.

“Golden Globe awarding ceremony”

We have the interview with Le Nguyen Anh Duong after the awarding ceremony.
– Who introduced you to “Golden Globe” award?
Through Communist Youth Union of my university, specifically, from IT faculty union, I knew this award and decided to apply. Fortunately, I also was introduced by our university youth union.
– Is the 4th position of the world round of Microsoft Office World Champion 2010 one of your advantages for the nomination?
Yes. Our award comes mostly from my achievement in MOWC 2010 including the national champion and the international 4th.
– Since your 4th position at MOWC 2010, are there any changes in your life or in your studying as well?
In general, it’s not many changes with my studying because my major’s nature (information system – finance – banking) does not too specialize in IT. However, in another angle, this achievement is a big motivator to me. When many people know me (especially teachers), I have to try my best for good result.
– Besides Microsoft Excel 2003, Do you intend to take another test of Microsoft?
My goal is also to take part in as many Microsoft’s tests as possible, especially with MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master level. Apart from Office tests, I also want to try other IT tests such as IC3, Adobe…
– Do you have any plans for your future?
In the future, I want to apply for a job which is appropriate with my major. IT in general and information system in particular is very wide and is applicable to many working environments, not only for banking so I hope to have opportunity to try my best in other fields as well. About my studying, in the coming time, I hope to uphold my thesis and graduate with highest results and after that, I intend to study master in information system.
– What is your feeling when knowing that you would be awarded “Golden Globe”? How is it different from the first time you compete in the international competition in the U.S. last August?
To be honest, I am quite surprised, because I feel that my achievement is still modest compared to the whole competition’s scale. Indeed, I have to try more. However, I feel very excited, especially when it falls right on my birthday. Each moment has its own feeling. Taking part in an international competition truly brings me precious experience and knowledge.
– Thank you and wish you success in your plans.


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