1,665 Primary students entering the Final Round of TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 with Perfect score in HCMC – Tổ chức Giáo dục IIG Việt Nam
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1,665 Primary students entering the Final Round of TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 with Perfect score in HCMC

1,665 students in Hochiminh City has officially entered the third round and also the Final Round of the TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014. The results of the final round taken place in HCMC will be compared with the results of the last round taken place in other provinces and cities throughout the countries to choose the National Prizes, including 1 First Prize, 3 Second Prizes and 6 Third Prizes.

After the Second Round ended, the number of students achieved the perfect score on the TOEFL Primary Step 1 test has reached  1,665 students (accounts for approximately 35 percent of the total number of students participating in the Second Round), which totally surpasses the expectation of the Organizing Committee of the competition. It is also truly surprising when the composition of students participating in the Final Round in HCMC consists of 54 percent fifth-grade students, compared to 46 percent of fourth graders and third graders. This is an outstanding result as primary school students in HCMC have successfully conquered the international standard assessment test developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) targeting at students of their own age range, with perfect score on both Reading and Listening Comprehensive skills.


Students in HCMS are attending the Opening Ceremony on 22/2/2014

The results of this Round are also a living proof for the efficiency of the current English learning program executed by the Department of Education and Training HCMC in Hochiminh City area relative to the international standard. Students in Hochiminh were only notified exactly one month ahead of the competition and did not go through any prior training to participate in the competition. With that being said, the requirement on English-language outcome standard for students in HCMC, as set forth in Decision no. 384/GDĐT-VP issued by the Department of Education and Training HCMC, based on the TOEFL Family of Assessments are totally suitable and achievable. (For more details, please visit the following link).


Students are exchanging news before the Testing time

While, during the Second Round of the competition, the students were challenged with the TOEFL Primary Step 1; in this Final Round, the students will continue with TOEFL Primary Step 2 tests which focus on evaluating their proficiency in Reading and Listening Comprehension at a much higher level. TOEFL Primary Step 2 is intended for primary school students who have developed emergent communicative skills; it has been considered an effective tool to measure English-proficiency level of young learners in both academic and social settings and also it provides their parents as well as teachers with a way to keep track of the students’ progress of development. In the other hand, to schools and institutions, TOEFL Primary test is a productive mechanism to arrange students into appropriate learning levels.


Students in HCMC are taking the TOEFL Primary Step 2

Each and every student entering the Final Round of the TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 taken place in HCMC can have the chance to be the ultimate winner of the competition. All of these participants will be receiving the international assessment certification issued by ETS with global recognition, Again, the results of the Final Round will be brought to comparison with the results of the Final Round at other locations to allocate winners for the National Prizes. The First Prize National of the competition will be honored at the “Closing and Awarding Ceremony”, which is expected to be held in May 2014. TOEFL Primary Challenge 2014 is truly a helpful playground for the students from third grade to fifth grade of elementary school; the competition is organized by IIG Vietnam – the exclusive authorized representative of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Vietnam – in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training of many different provinces and cities.







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