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General information about Educational Quality Accreditation

1. What is educational quality accreditation?

Educational quality accreditation is the process of external quality review used in higher education to scrutinize colleges, universities, and higher education programs for quality assurance and quality improvement

Educational quality accreditation has long history of development in North America, but at that time, it was still unknown in many other countries. Educational quality accreditation nowadays has become more and more popular as an effective tool helping many countries around the world including Vietnam to maintain academic standards and enhance the quality of training programs.

2. Characteristics  of educational quality accreditation

•         Educational quality accreditation is conducted within either an institution (college, university, vocational school) or training program.

•         Educational quality accreditation is a completely voluntary rather than compulsory activity.

•        Educational quality accreditation cannot be separated from sefl-assessment

•         All the educational quality accreditation process is always associated with external review (peer review)

•         Assessment standards are variable and flexible to suit each school's missions

3. Purpose of educational quality accreditation

The main purpose of educational quality accreditation is to ensure that appropriate academic standards are being maintained and enhanced, meeting the requirements of employers and ensuring benefits for learners. In some cases, Educational quality accreditation also aims to explain/report to society, authority, sponsor agencies and funding organizations. Currently, many agencies or organizations care about whether an institution and a training program is accrediated or not before giving a sponsor decision. Students and their parents are also interested in this question.

4. Process of educational quality accreditation

Global practice of educational quality accreditation  typically follows four steps:


Step 1: Development of standards

Step 2: Self-evaluation

Step 3: External review (peer review)

Step 4: Accreditation decision



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