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About the Microsoft Office Specialist exams

1. Microsoft Office Specialist - MOS

Microsoft Office Specialist (formerly also known as MOUS) exams use “live” or real applications to provide the most authentic evaluation of your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Certiport’s performance-based testing uses specialized examination software while simultaneously running the actual Office programs. You can prepare for your certification exams by using officially licensed Microsoft Office training , courseware, assessments, and practice tests.

Microsoft Office Specialist is the official Microsoft Office certification for desktop productivity. Certification is available in the programs listed below. Expert level certifications are offered for Word and Excel. Exams are available for Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, and Office 2003.
Word            Outlook®                Access
Excel            PowerPoint®          Project (2000 & XP only)
2. Microsoft Office Specialist benefits

With the globally recognized Microsoft Office certification, you can prove your skills with ease. Whether you're looking for the ideal job, trying to advance in your present career, or pursuing academic goals, Microsoft Office Specialist gives you the tools to achieve more distinguish yourself, and advance in today's competitive academic and professional environments

For employment seekers, Microsoft Office Specialist certification:
  • Differentiates and helps job candidates get hired. Research shows not only do Microsoft Office Specialists find work faster, they also earn up to 12% more than individuals who are not certified
  • Provides a firm measure that validates Microsoft Office training
  • Gives credibility and substance to work skills
For those focused on career advancement, Microsoft Office Specialist certification:
  • Increases salary potential. Research shows 82% of certified Microsoft Office Specialists report a salary increase after certification
  •  Sets company advancers apart as a desktop computing experts in their organizations
  •  Provides career opportunities. Eighty-eight percent of managers report Microsoft Office certification gives employees an advantage in hiring and promotion, which means greater earning power, respect, and recognition
For students, Microsoft Office training and certification:
  •  Provide a professional credential recognized around the world
  •  Help earn cost-effective college credit
  •  Demonstrate computing efficiency essential in the workplace



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