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General introduction

Quality of human resources is always given the highest priority and  is the most important factor which decides success of any companies, enterprises and organizations especially, with the trend of international economic integration, the human resources being able to use foreign languages at work for  negotiation, communication,with foreign partners is extremely necessary. To meet the increasing demand in improving the quality of human resources,  one of our main focus is Training service provided to enterprises, organizations, the system of universities, colleges and vocational schools nationwide.

 Prior to 2008, Training together with Sales & Marketing activities were part of Business Development Department. Later, due to the expansion, training was separated into an independent division, focusing on more professional jobs: developing curriculum, syllabus, coursebooks and delivering training courses with high quality to meet the need of clients.

To date, IIG Vietnam has been running many training courses which varies, from the English for communication in the international workplace to the English for academic purposes. in which many of them have become the brand name of IIG Vietnam such as: Teacher training workshops with TOEIC orientation; Teacher training workshops with TOEFL iBT orientation;  Training courses for students, potsgraduates with TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP orientation; Nursing programs to American standard; Training programs on Management skills… These programs have well received positive feedback and remarks from clients.                                                       

Fields of activity

  • Developing curriculum, coursebooks for English language training programs with TOEIC/ TOEFL iBT/TOEFL ITP orientation .
  • Delivering English Training services for organisations, businesses, educational institutions…
  • Delivering professional  consultation services on international –standard -English language training.
  • Other training services  including Teacher training workshops with TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP orientations.
  • Consultation services on using English language learning and teaching supporting software allowing users to effectively get access with  advanced training products.



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