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Types of TFI® Test

1. Regular TFI ® Test

TOEIC Vietnam administers the Regular TFI® Test for individuals on everyday from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning at TOEIC Vietnam offices in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.

How to Apply?

Individual examinees who plan to take the TFI test must carry out the registration at TOEIC Vietnam offices at least one day before the testing day. They may also bring with them 3 pictures (3-4) and ID or passport to TOEIC Vietnam offices on the day of registration.

Test registration is not accepted over the telephone, by fax or through e-mail.

TFI® Test Result Formats

Score Reports for each examinee are sealed in individual envelopes. On picking up the score, examinees must present:

  • their original TFI test registration form
  • their national identification card (or passport,…)

An examinee may designate some one else to pick up their Score Report on his/her behalf by notifying TOEIC staff when they leave the test room.

Individual test-taker will receive the Score Report in 3 working days after the testing day. In case of requiring official copies of any Score Reports, he/she may fill in a request form at TOEIC Vietnam’s offices. Individual test-taker may choose to be supplied with a Certificate of Achievement in 10 days after the request. Certificate is available with a cost of 10 USD.

2. Onsite TFI ® Test

TOEIC Vietnam conducts Onsite TFI® Test for organizations, corporate clients in Vietnam and there is no limit to the number of test-takers. The Onsite TFI® Test can be arranged at the client’s request and at any time or day of the week, specially arranged in sites such as hotel function rooms or training centers. The Onsite TFI® Test can be offered on Sundays or holidays and after regular office hours without additional charge.

How to Apply?

Provide us all test-takers’ fully required information as the Registration Form enclosed at least 1 week before the testing day.

TFI® Test Result Formats

The test results that consist of a report listing the name of all examinees and individual score reports for each examinee will be ready in 5 working days after the testing day.

The test results will be sent directly to the test coordinator designated by the organization (e.g. the Human Resources Manager). TOEIC Vietnam does not release individual scores to individual examinees from organizations unless so directed by the contracting organization.



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