Schedule and result

Structures, contents of SAT Tests

1. SAT Reasoning:

Formerly known as "SAT I"

10 section tests: 9 sections are separated into 3 majors: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. 1 section is used to normalize questions for future administrations of the SAT (does not count toward the final score).

Score range 200-800 per part/ Total: 600 – 2400

Duration: 3 hours + 45 mins  long (including orientation, distribution of materials, completion of biographical sections, timed breaks…). However, the actual time may be 5 hours 

Duration (min)
Maths: 70 mins ; 200 – 800 scores
- Section 1: 20 multiple-choice questions
- Number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics, probability, and data analysis
-Focused on Secondary and High school Curriculum.
- Section 2: 8 multiple-choice questions,10 student-produced response questions
- Section 3: 16 multiple-choice questions
Critical Reading: 70 mins ; 200 – 800 scores
- Section 1 & 2:
- Section 3:
(Reading comprehension;
sentence completions;
paragraph-length critical reading)
25 * 2
- Critical reading
- sentence-level reading
Writing: 60 mins ; 200 – 800 scores 
- Section 1: Multiple choice questions
Grammar, usage, and word choice
- Section 2: Multiple choice questions
- student-written essay
Test taker will be asked to develop a point of a view on an issue, using reasoning and evidence — based on your own experiences, readings, or observations — to support your ideas.
2. SAT Subject Test:
·         Formerly known as "SAT II": measures your knowledge and skills in particular subject areas, and your ability to apply that knowledge. Students typically choose which tests to take depending upon college entrance requirements for the schools to which they are planning to apply.
·         20 different subject tests. Normally students can choose 3 subjects at a sitting
·         Tests available in areas of :
-          English: Literature
-          History:U.S History; World History
-          Mathematics: Mathematics Level 1; Mathematics level 2 
-          Science:Biology E/M; Chemistry; Physics
-          Languages: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Korean.
·         Score range 200-800 per test
·         Item Types: All subjects are multiple-choice tests. However, some of these tests have unique formats.
·         Duration: 60 mins/ subject. Total: 3 hours + 20 mins.



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